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    Post ferrara fire appartus

    Our truck comm.is looking @ ferrara rescue truck,anybody out there -w- a ferrara truck?all comments appreciated pro/con

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    I researched them about 18 months ago for a rescue and found that they have a quality product at a reasonable price. They are a growing company. I had never heard of them before last year, now I see them all over the place. I have heard nothing bad from the people that they have delivered to.

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    We have 3 ferrara pumpers, 2 '95's and a '99, and have not had a bit of trouble out of them. As pwc606 stated they do make a quality product, however the rep. in our area has a bad habit of not returning phone calls, but outside of that the trucks are well made and have held up to just about everything we have thrown at them. What I would suggest is giving them a call and go over to there plant in Louisiana and take a look for yourself.

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    We have a 2000 model Ferrara, and I can't say it is the best new truck I have ever been exposed to. Had a few bugs to work out of it when it arrived. The Night Scan gave us troubles right after delivery. When Wil-Burt (which is located in our town) took a look at it, they found the seals compromised and the control box full of water. Take the for what it is worth. It has two different styles of folding steps on it, and one of them broke for no apparent reason. Not that it is Ferrara's fault, it just seems odd that they would mix components like that.

    E-Mail me if you want me to put you in touch with out Assistant Chief who has more first-hand information on the truck.

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    My dept has 3 Ferrara's. All of them have the Spartan chassis. Each and every one has troubles, from cracked body frames to electrical to just making lots of rattling noises. The drivetrains are also speced incorrectly for the big hills we have here. Haven't heard anything good or bad about the Ferrara built cab and chassis however.

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    Thumbs up

    I give ferrara 3 thumbs up!! I live about 1 hour from their plant which is located in Holden, Louisiana! My department buys all of our equipement through them and our county started 3 years ago buying all our trucks through them also! The trucks are Freightliner FL-80's with a pumper/rescue bodystyle, we have yet to recieve ours but sister departments have raised nothing but praises about the trucks! Second of all I work in Jackson (state capital of Mississippi)on a part time basis with the ambulace service. Jackson FD recieved approx. 7 Ferrara Inferno's last year. I have not heard any complaints from them except for one captian that was mad that they replaced his stations 1978 Jaco/Hedrickson with a high tech machine that rides too smooth! Anyways, we are very happy with Ferrara and their service.


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    We have a 2000 Ferarra pumper built on a Spartan Metro Star chassis, with rescue style compartments. We have had a lot of small problems with the truck, mostly electrical that are traced back to the spartan chassis. In general the truck has been nice and dependable. You can see it on our website at www.elsmerefd.com I dont have any personal experience with their rescue trucks. Cincinnati Fire Division's Squad 52 is one of the biggest rescue trucks i have ever seen, and it is a Ferarra. You might be able to find out from them. Try calling them or finding them on the web at www.cincyfire.com

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