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    Question Need Ambulance Info.

    O.K. - I have been known to get extra long winded on topics like this so I'll try to keep it short & sweet.
    We are currently up to purchase a new Ambulance and are most likely going to get a Wheeled Coach because they have the current Virginia State contract and as such are beating every other vendor by almost $20k on comperable units.

    Without listing all the bells & whistles - we're basicly looking to "cookie cutter" a spec. from a neighboring agency that just had their truck deliverd a couple months ago. It's your basic Type I on a Ford F-350 Chassis 4X4 with a 149" X 95" box w/ 66" head room (and a few bells & whistles).

    Some of us (myself included) would like to get a Type III for various reasons, however almost everyone is "gun shy" about having a 4WD conversion put under it since the E-Series chassis do not come from Ford with 4WD.

    Topic 1
    Anyone running a Type III of any build on a Newer Ford E-350/450 with a 4X4 conversion ? If so . .
    How do you like it ?
    How long have you had it ?
    Who did the 4WD conversion ?
    Have you had any problems with it (and how were they resolved)?

    Topic 2
    Are you running a Wheeled Coach Unit built within the last 5 years ?
    If so . . .
    What year model is it ?
    What Chassis Type (Type I or III, 2 or 4 WD)
    How has it held up so far ?
    How many calls per year do you put on it ?
    What's the average mileage per call ?
    Based on this truck - would you purchase another Wheeled Coach Unit and whyor why not ?

    O.K. - I got long winded after all - my apologies, but please give your feedback (both positive & negative) as quickly as possible as we will most likely go thru this process very fast.

    Take Care - Stay Safe

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    A mutual squad near my agency operates a E-series type III with the 4x4 conversion. Unfortunatly I do not remember who did the conversion. However, I do know that there is only one company that does the conversion and from what I have heard, they do not do a terrific job. I wish I had more information but that is all I know on the subject.
    As far as the body makers goes, I would not recommend Wheeled Coach. I have seen many of them and they are very cheaply built. My agency currently operates two (1990,1) brauns and two (1998,2001) hortons. We now swear by horton. Check them out at hortonambulance.com
    We put 500 calls on both the older horton and newer braun last year. Average miles per call is around 25 I believe. The older braun has around 70k miles and was just out of service for 3 weeks for major service. Horton body=no problem. I would also recommend PL Custom. They are coming out with some very nice jobs lately.

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