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    Post Front Drive/ Rear Engine

    Has anyone seen or heard about a custom engine that was either front drive and/or
    rear engine? Seems like I heard about this sometime ago. I can see good and bad with both of these. Maybe I'm losing my mind but...

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    Pierce had a front drive, front motor at one time but figured that it was not working. E-One has the Hush. The only thing that comes to mind is a bus.....

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    Pierce made some years ago. It was called the Javalin. It was a rear engine/front wheel drive. The rear axle was just a coasting axle. The Friendswood FD just south of Houston has one in service.

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    One of the stations neighboring my hometown station owned a Pierce Javelin... The unit had an 8 or 10 man cab with a 1500 gpm pump and a 900 gallon tank. After experienceing traction problems in the snowy Pennsylvania winters, Pierce bought the unit back and the department replaced it with a Pierce Lance and has since bought a second Lance.

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