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    fireman phil
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    Question Proper baffle design....

    Please help... Need info or formula for proper design and layout for baffleing system for tanker (3000 gal). NFPA is very vauge.

    Fireman Phil of the Show Me State

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    Jim Wodrich
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    I am currently putting together a spec. for a new tanker. We are going eliptical for the first time, 3000 gals. also. I would contact tanker manufacture companies first. U.S Tanker in Wisc., S&S Tanker in IN. etc.

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    You might want to look at Summit Fire Apparatus in Erlanger KY. They built our 3000 gallon eliptical tank on an existing Kenworth chassis. If your looking at going straight tanker go with stainless steel. Good Luck

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    When our department was specing our new tanker, we first looked at stainless steel. The proposed warranty for the tank, however, was interesting. It seems that there has been numerous problems in the last few years with stainless steel water tanks being damaged by "microbes" and other materials in the water. For our warranty to remain in effect, we had to test the tank water, add chemicals for the microbes, check the PH level, and dump the tank every week. If the tank was damaged by something in the water, and we didn't test for it, the warranty would not cover the damage. I wish I could say I was making this up, but I still have a copy of that warranty somewhere!

    Whatever tank you decide on, get the warranty in writing before bidding. Study it carefully. Make sure there is no fine print about having to do tests and adding chemicals.

    Our department purchased a 3000 gallon poly-composite eliptical tanker from S&S Fire Apparatus in Indiana. They are a great company to work with, and the truck is well built. Their website is www.ssfire.com and if you want to see a pic of our tanker you can go to our website at www.whbfd.com and look at unit 7-8-9.

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