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    Guinness76 Guest

    Question I need glasses!

    I'm trying to find out info on spectacle kits. I have found these types: 1) those which attach to the nose bridge, 2) those which attach to the inside of the frame, and 3) those with a flexible fit directly attached to the face/head. Does anyone know of other types or even specific brands in use?

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    jj1967 Guest


    I use a pair of Army "go faster" glasses. There basicly a pair of black glasses, held on by a rubber strap. The strap doesn't interfere with the seal on the mask and the nice thing is I'm not fumbling for a pair of glasses when I take the mask off.

    You can get them from either the Brigade Quartermaster or US Cavalry.

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    KGM Guest


    I use the spectacle kit insert with a frame that fits in the mask itself from Scott. Works OK. Had to go to a small mask to get a good seal. I can't pull the large mask tight enough to seal at the temples with the insert.

    I sure wish Scott would make a large Narrow sized mask!

    Scott also has a suction cup insert that takes your own glasses with out the ear pieces. Probably a lot cheaper than the complete insert, and probably alot easier to get a seal with.

    Good luck!


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    Ten8_Ten19 Guest


    KGM..why is the insert preventing you from getting a seal at the temples with a large mask?

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    pahoseboy Guest


    I use both styles the one in the mask and the one thats straps to your head. I prefer the strap one because when you remove your mask you still have glasses on. I know I am blind as a bat without my glasses. The only drawback they have is the weight of them. Hopefully this has helped.

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    ArmyTruckCompany Guest


    Both the NFPA and OSHA forbid the use of any type of spectacle or other device that penetrates the seal of the facepiece- period. No if's, and's or but's. All SCBA manufacturers have spectacle kits in their accessory catalogs. Many manufacturers supply a limited number at no cost to the company purchasing the SCBA's as they cost very little. Also- if you are in an OSHA state- regulations MANDATE that the employer PURCHASE AND MAINTAIN the spectacle kits (including refill/new prescriptions) for any employee requiring corrective eyewear while performing duties!!! Volunteer Fire Departments ARE required to do this for volunteers!!!

    "Loyalty above all else, except honor."

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    ArmyTruckCompany Guest


    ooops almost forgot- When you get a spec kit, look in the phone book under Industrial Eyewear to find someone to make the lenses!!

    "Loyalty above all else, except honor."

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    Guinness76 Guest


    Thanks for all the input! Army Truck Company's reply is right. I must follow OHSA codes, so no seal break at the temples is allowed. Hopefully I can find some sort of hybrid that allows me to keep my glasses on even after removing the mask.

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    jj1967 Guest


    Yes I forgot OSHA. However using an NFPA approved, positive pressure SCBA the .2 mm rubber strap (yes, I used a micrometer to measure the thickness) will not break the seal or allow contaminants in.

    I am in far more danger of taking my mask off and falling down stairs, bumping into rigs, or wandering into traffic, since I'm blind as a bat.

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    Corvin Guest


    Sensitive issue for me as I am employeed by one of the few depts in my state that would even allow me to test. Iowa City Fire just requires 20/20 corrected vision not the standard 20/40 one eye, 20/100 other eye, corrected to 20/20. I still get peeved when I see the requirements for a dept I'd like to work for.

    Any way Iowa is an OSHA state and has specifically not compelled employers to purchase prescription protective eyewear. In Iowa City the dept will provide you with the inserts to hold the lenses, but not the lenses themselves.

    For this reason our dept has looked the other way over contact lenses. OSHA says that you may NOT wear contact lenses in a hazardous enviroment or with the use of a respirator, ANSI says you can. (God love the ANSI standard, it got me out of being sent home one day for wearing contacts, but that's a story for a union vs management forum)

    Side note - I tried the rubber sports type glasses with rubber straps and agree - they appear to work just fine. (emphasis on appear)

    Be safe


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    Geno Guest


    We have just did research on this topic. The best that I found was from a company called Altek. They give you the option of an insert that snaps into your face piece or the strap type. A complete kit including lens for about $100.00. It seams like a good product. I e-mailed one of there sales people and requested a sample.

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    51Truck_K Guest


    Do you have any more info on these Altek people? Website address etc, thanks

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    AVF&R452 Guest




    They have a toll free number and I called it this morning, got an answering machine. Left a message but no call yet.

    Good Luck,


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    ONTFF Guest


    have you considered laser surgery, I had 20/400 vision (almost legally blind) and in 20 min's worth of work was up to better than 20/20, all for 1200 dollars canadian, should be pretty cheap for american residents, haven't had any problems either, 1 yr and counting and no change, to top it off I was only off work for a week and here it is tax deductible

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    51Truck_K Guest


    Hey Canada! How much is that American $$$ I know some Brothers from a local Local (??) have gone to Canada for the surgery.Can you foward any info...I am seriously considering a road trip

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    SFD-129-3 Guest

    Red face

    If you are considering lasik in canada, you should really look into local eye doctors first. I did and found out why canada can do it for $1500 vs. $5000 US. Our machines are second or third generation (VISX star) vs their first generation. Will it work? Probably. Do you want to go to canada for checkups or enhancements? Probably not.
    Locally, prices have dropped $1500 in the last year due to more doc's opening practice. More competition equals lower prices. Just make damn sure you get a good doc, on a great laser, with a excellent record.
    After my lasik, I was seen 4x in the first week: the next day, and then every other day. This was to check for any chance of infection before it could damage my eyes and to make sure the flap reattatched properly. I don't know how far you are from canada, but you should weigh your options very considerably.

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    ONTFF Guest


    american coin is worth an extra 35 to 40% at most banks, and just so you dont think its dangerous I was seen by 3 eye surgeons and two optometrists before my surgery on a brand new piece of equipment made in the USA, during the operation my eyes were first frozen and tested with a needle, then they cut the top layer of my cornea and after folding it back and flushing the eye some bright lights flashed and the eye was cleaned and glued back down, this was followed by four check-ups in the same week along with some hefty eye drops, i had no complications at all, i even checked their prior patient records and the infection rate was way less then anywhere in canada (less then 5% overall, hey, it does happen, most of these people admitted to not following doctors guidlines)after a week I was back at work and you already know my results after one year, I believe you can look for this company on the net under Lasikvision Canada, the best part was I was able to get my optometrist to do my 1 month etc check ups as I live a few hundred miles away from where I got it done

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    FIREMAN203 Guest



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    BDOG163 Guest


    I just purchased "SMOKE SPEC" lens holders for my dept. They are a nylon frame with a suction that attaches them to your mask. I don't wear glasses but the guys who do seem to like them.

    Brian G.
    IAFF Local 3091

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