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    Question Large Volume Pumps

    I am looking for information regarding pumps that can provide flows of 3,500gpm and up, including manufacturers (does Hale make anything more than 3,500gpm?), horsepower requirements, and any departments that have experience using units like this (anybody have info on the FDNY Satellite units?).

    I would especially like to know of any departments that use high volume pumps to supply multiple LDH lines at draft (how many 6" hard suctions are required for higher flows like that?). See my previous post for more on this topic.

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    I cannot comment on the details of the unit but I know that it can pump serious volumes of water.

    The Waterville, Nova Scotia fire department operates a one ton Ford chassis with an independantly powered high flow pump known locally as "BIG FLOW".

    I cannot give you an electronic contact but via snail mail you can reach them at;
    "Waterville & District Fire Department, 1415 County Home Road, Waterville, Nova Scotia, Canada, B0P 1V0.

    This unit has been in service for about ten years and has responded to calls for mutual aid over 100 miles from their station.

    Train Hard and Train Safe.

    Philip Publicover, Fire Chief
    District #1 Fire Department
    Blandford, Nova Scotia, Canada
    E-mail blandfordvfd@hotmail.com

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    Hale and Williams make pumps that can exceed 3500 gpm from a positive pressure source. At draft they have trouble at high flows aboe 200 psi. YOu'll need a 500 hp or larger motor.

    Spring and Seabrook Texas will take delivery of three 3500 gpm rated at draft pumpers with the ability to pump in excess of 5000 gpm from a positive pressure source they will each use three 6 inch hard suctions for capacity at draft. They each pack 6000 feet of 6 inch hose and extra large turbo drafts for remote lifts.

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