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    Does anyone have units with compartments utilizing Zolatone splatter paint for the compartment finish? If so, what has been your experience with its utility, maint., durability etc.? Is it a good idea?

    Bob Compton

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    First off I am not sure if what we have in our rigs is what you're talking about, but out '94 & '00 KME rigs both have a textured web type finish over the red spray paint so this is what I will speak about. I have also seen a similar paint system where instead of the web pattern it is spackled Same general principal.

    Now - here are my opinions on it.

    Although it is used (supposedly) as a protector to your compartment finish it is also a "mask" to it as well and has been used to cover many a blemish & imperfection when the truck was built.

    As a means of protection for the compartment walls - so far ours has worked well. Our department only runs about 100-125 Fire/Rescue calls per year (No EMS) but we are not the most gentle creatures with our rigs.

    Would I recommend applying this type of finish to your truck - Sure, it does protect the compartment walls from the "minor abuse".

    However - if you do not do a Pre-Paint inspection of your rig, then I would at least consider inspection prior to the application of this finish. As stated before it will mask paint blemishes, sheet metal deformities, or other imperfections in the craftsmanship of your truck.

    Also - this might be a "Well Duh!" type remark but, I would still use Dri-Deck or Turtle Tiles for the compartment floor even if you go with the web/splatter paint.

    There you go - my opinion based solely on my experience.

    If you have any further questions or would like me to get pictures of our rigs or something, feel free to drop me an E-mail at n2dfire@hotmail.com

    Take Care - Stay Safe

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