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    Post all wheel drive first response vehicle

    Is any department using an all wheel drive, four door crew cab midi pumper sized vehicle for first response use? A vehicle similar to the 4x4 CDF type III 500 gpm / 500 gallon trucks or the new Pierce HAWK line of rigs.

    We are considering this type of unit to respond as the primary day unit because of its size and the changing demographics of our department and community.

    Any help would be beneficial. Thanks.

    Train Hard and Train Safe.

    Philip Publicover, Fire Chief
    District #1 Fire Department
    Blandford, Nova Scotia, Canada
    E-mail blandfordvfd@hotmail.com

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    It all depends on the needs and size of your department. In my District, we have a 4x4 Type III pumper, and we use it for wildland fires only. It seems inpractical to use an apparatus like that; but again, it depends on the size of your department and how much $ you have to spend. Feel free to email me if you would like to discuss it further. Good luck to you...

    Firefighter/ Engineer
    Cantral FPD

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