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    Question Dump Valves for tankers

    I am looking for information regarding dump valves for a new Pumper/Tanker my department is purchasing in the near future. Because of space requirements we can not fit what seems to be the most common size,a 10" square valve, on our unit. Can anyone provide me with any kind of manufacturer info about a smaller size valve, round or square. Even just a name will help. Thanks.

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    The "Newton Quick Dump" I beleive was the first to make the square dump valve. I don't have any info on them at hand here, but I am sure someone will come up with some for you. I would think that they can custom make a size to suit your needs.

    I would avoid a round dump opening, since you lose considerable opening space by rounding off the corners of that square hole. Take a 5" square dump for example, 5 x 5 = 25 square inches of opening. Now take a 5" round opening, 5 x 3.14 = 15.7 square inches of opening.

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    E69- Thanks for the reply. I have info from Newton already. Thats the info I have regarding the 10 inch dump. We use them on another another tanker we have presently and they work great. I called them to see if they make a smaller model but thay don't. In my search for a smaller one I have seen KME and S&S use smaller round dumps on tankers they build. I am trying to find out who they get them from. I understand your comment about the squard inches of space, and if I could find a smaller square dump that would be even better than the round one.

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    Contact Northline they make a 10 inch rectangular dump valve.

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    Surprised that Newton can't fabricate a smaller size than the standard 10 inch. I am sure if a 10" square valve won't fit, a 10" rectangular one won't help much either. Are you sure A.H. Stock Manufacturing Corporation can't custom make something to your specifications? You can e-mail them at stockvalve@lakefield.net to find out if you haven't done so already.

    I am curious now, what is limiting the size of your dump opening on this tanker? If it is the design of the tank, could fabricating the tank itself to have a sump that would accommodate the 10" dump be an option?

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by rcorleto:
    ...In my search for a smaller one I have seen KME and S&S use smaller round dumps on tankers they build. I am trying to find out who they get them from....

    We have an S&S Tanker with round side dump valves. The valves are made by Bray, and are air operated butterfly type valves. I would think that the company you are specing the truck with can get you more information on Bray valves. Hope this helps.

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    If you are spec'ing a new Pumper/Tanker, Why not consider a jet dump system?? Our tanker can dump 1460gpm thru a 6" Akron Butterfly valve using a 480gpm PTO pump. An awesome sight! The tank fill is plumbed to double as the jet discharge outlet just behind the butterfly valve. This arrangement allows you to dump at a rate determined by the operator rather than waiting for a gravity dump in all cases. We keep the tank fill/jet dump open all the time, Driver positions the rig, sets the brake, engages the pump and depresses the throttle for the best rate of dump for the conditions. Our valve is opened manually by a FF at the dump site, but could be air operated very easily. Also, this configuration allows you to cap the valve in the event of air system or valve failure. E-mail me if you want more info.

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    If you want side dumps, you don't want to lose compartment space (if that's your issue with space) and you have tandem rear axles, you may want to stick the dump valves right between them. Our new KME pumper tanker has 3 10" dump valves - 1 in the rear, and 1 on each side between the tandems. You lose four bottle holes for this, but we felt it was a better use of space.

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