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    John Berryman Jr.
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    Question E-One Basket 95ft.

    Have heard all the good things about these units are there any bad things about the E-One 95ft. Basket truck???(no pump)Please no salesmen just the facts..Thanking you all in advance.

    Safe Firefighting


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    Just took delivery of ours which is set up as a quint (Only to supply itself). I let you know in a few months if you like. So far with training its been perfect. 2 monitors in the platform and 2 deck guns with 2 crosslays and a front trash line. It'll go to war with the best of them. Be safe.


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    I'm not sure if this still holds true, but as of a couple of years ago E-One was the ONLY manufacturer never to have any aerial ladder of any type overturn while in use. Most tipovers are caused by operator error anyway, but they have had none at all-operator error or due to failure. I'm not on a truck company but that would be reassuring to know if I was.

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    E-One is a sturdy truck, not as beefy as an Aerialscope, but then again it has a taversable ladderway...However, I know of a Career FD that has such a creature and has experienced nothing but trouble with it. Even as far as looking into replacing the bucket! (15,000!!!!!$$$$$) It seems that the bucket would lose it's juice (hydro fluid)and the bucket would sag infront of the cab!Add numerous other problems and take into concern E-One's lack of assitance..Buy A 'Scope!.....E-One needs to make a mid-mount!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm not gonna bite on the "scope" comment. E-One does make a mid-mount andI would put it up against any aerialscope made. Be safe.


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    On the E-One 95-footer we just took delivery of, my big gripe is the silly handrails on the platform.

    Rather than using something like a self-closing ManSaver bar, they have these telescoping portions of the handrail which you're supposed to raise up and hold as you exit through the door. More often than not, they come crashing down and hit you, or get stuck between your helmet and SCBA tank. They sure do hurt when that happens. Yeah, they say you're not supposed to let go of them as you pass under, but that's sometimes easier said than done.

    E-One said it was some type of requirement that there be a contiguous safety rail surrounding the platform, so that mansaver bars weren't acceptable. In other words, we couldn't spec anything different. We noticed these when we played with a demo truck, and tried to spec something different. But in the long run, it's probably not that big of a deal.

    One thing we could've spec'd different is to have a visual display which indicated:
    -kwick-raze lights extended
    -pump platform open
    -which door is ajar (graphic display)
    -which compartment is ajar (graphic display)
    Currently, these are all tied into a single, red blinking "Door Ajar" light. It'd be much easier to see exactly what is amiss so you don't have to go and touch everything that opens/closes to make the "door ajar" light go out. Again, that was an oversight on our part probably.

    I can't complain about the operation of the truck itself. It is great... a huge improvement over the early 80's Peter Pirsch 100' lightweight aluminum ladder we've been using (which, btw, is for sale...)

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    I don't have a lot of experience with the 95' Platform, but have quite a bit of experience with E-One aerials in general... My station currently operates a 1982 E-One 110' Aerial. The underslung criss-cross jacks on an E-One are unbeatable by anything else on the market. They have the shortest jack spread in the industry and the best part is that they CANNOT be short jacked (of course you don't need to shortjack them, because fully extended they are about the same jack spread as their competitors in the short jacked mode.) This is probably the largest contributing factor in that E-One has never experienced a tipover, which are mostly caused by operator error. If tight streets are a problem in your area, I'd highly recommend the E-One because of their narrow jacking.

    One other plus for the E-One aerials is that they offer a significantly larger amount of compartment space. This is the result of E-One aerials using an integral frame as opposed to a "bolt on" torque box like their competitors. The E-One compartments are deeper, and there are more (They even have low-side compartments above each of the jacks, which gives you 4 more USEABLE compartments over most competitors, and they are deep enough to be used for such things as a smoke ejector.!

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    Does anyone have any information on the new mid-mount tower??? Was on the E-One web site about two weeks ago and their is nothing mentioned.

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    Yup, hafta agree....nothing on the E-ONE site in reference to a new mid mount...Nuttin'...I even e-mailed a rep, with no reply...what's the dilly-o?

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    We did our final inspection on our 95' Tower about 2 months ago. At the same time there was a "meeting" going on with the sales reps. I know from speaking with one for our area that there is such a tower. Four (4) have already been sold before the demo even got off the line. Its a five (5) section aerial which allows for a shorter overall length. It will outperfrom the Pierce, Sutphen, KME, Aerialscope and LTI mid-mount tower. Trust me on this. It has a modified outrigger system that is like a hybrid using the underslung design they use on their rear mounts and also the Sutphens style under the cab. When I find out more I'll pass it along. Be safe.


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    Pretty sure it is a 4 section. At least that is what my drawing shows.

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    What drwawing....don't be a hog, share the goods K

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    call your dealer and ask for one.

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    LHS is correct, I just saw it myself and it is a 4 section aerial. How have you been LHS? Come see the tower when your down here. Be safe.


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    I know a lot about the new E-one mid-mount
    it will out perform any other mid-mout out there trust me i know a demo will be off the line very soon some depts have already bought them

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    Are we talking an honest to goodness mid mount tower ladder, or are you all referring to a Bronto Sky-Lift on an E-One chassis?

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    A C2 chassis, regular E-Onr 95 foot tower. Underslung jacks, nice hose bed, I think it is 45 feet long.

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    In addition, the options for a quint set-up (Pump/Tank) is available. Let me clarify this perhaps. Picture a Pierce mid-mount tower. Got that picture? Now envision it being able to do what they say it can do. Got all that? Now factor in an aerial that CAN do everything. Got that? Thats an E-One midmount tower. Be safe.


    P.S.: If we were discussing a Bronto, it would be called a Bronto. If you want a Bronto on an E-One chassis talk to Tulsa, OK.

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    The following list is of large or high profile departments
    which have E-One aerials in service
    This is not a complete list. Many other departments
    also use E-One aerials

    Anchorage AK
    Fairbanks AK
    Huntsville AL
    Mobile AL
    Montgomery AL
    Edmonton Alberta
    Chandler AZ
    Mesa AZ
    Sierra Vista AZ
    Tempe AZ
    Anaheim CA
    Avalon CA
    Benecia CA
    Buena Park CA
    Chevron Refinery CA
    Compton CA
    Corona CA
    Costa Mesa CA
    Hesperia CA
    Huntington Beach CA
    Orange County CA
    Riverside CA
    Riverside County CA
    Sacramento CA
    Santa Fe Springs CA
    Santee CA
    Beijing China
    Animas CO
    Colorado Springs CO
    Denver CO
    Grand Junction CO
    West Hartford CT
    Ft. Lauderdale FL
    Hillborough County FL
    Hollywood FL
    Jacksonville FL
    Kennedy Space Center FL
    Naperville FL
    Naples FL
    Orange County FL
    Palm Beach FL
    Sarasota FL
    Seminole County FL
    St Petersburg FL
    Tallahasee FL
    Tampa FL
    Fulton County GA
    Savanah GA
    Aurora IL
    Chicago IL
    Elmhurst IL
    Joliet IL
    Oak Brook IL
    Schamburg IL
    Schaumburg IL
    Ft Wayne IN
    Indianapolis IN
    Kansas City KS
    Lenexa KS
    Olathe KS
    Overland Park KS
    Shawnee KS
    Paducah KY
    Boston MA
    Lawrence MA
    Lowell MA
    Lynn MA
    Quincy MA
    Annapolis MD
    Anne Arundel County MD
    Baltimore County MD
    Ann Arbor MI
    Auburn Hills MI
    Grand Rapids MI
    Lansing MI
    Portage MI
    St. Paul MN
    Kansas City MO
    St. Louis MO
    Biloxi MS
    Tupelo MS
    Fargo ND
    Lincoln NE
    Omaha NE
    Concord NH
    Elizabeth NJ
    Hoboken NJ
    Jersey City NJ
    Newark NJ
    Albequerque NM
    Benalilo County NM
    Santa Fe NM
    Clark County NV
    Henderson NV
    Buffalo NY
    East Syracuse NY
    Rochester NY
    Scarsdale NY
    Syracuse NY
    Cincinnati OH
    Cleveland Heights OH
    Cuyahoga Falls OH
    Dayton OH
    Toledo OH
    Oklahoma City OK
    Tulsa OK
    Brampton Ontario
    London Ontario
    Scranton PA
    Hilton Head SC
    Knoxville TN
    Memphis TN
    Nashville TN
    Corpus Christi TX
    Frisco TX
    Grapevine TX
    Houston TX
    Lubbock TX
    San Antonio TX
    Logan UT
    Arlinton VA
    Fairfax VA
    Norfolk VA
    Portsmouth VA
    Spotsylvania VA
    Everett WA
    Issaquah WA
    Tacoma WA
    Madison WI
    Milwaukee WI
    New Berlin WI
    Racine WI
    West Bend WI
    Washington DC

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