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    Ken Wible Guest

    Post LTI Olympian

    Does your department run an LTI Olympian rig? Do you know of one in your area? I grew up near Windcrest, Texas, where the first LTI Olympian was delivered and am real interested in these trucks. I am trying to find all of the Olympian rigs out there, so if you know where one is I sure would like to hear from you!


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    USAR29 Guest


    Here are a few Olympians...

    Bala Cynwyd, PA -- 1990 Olympian single axle with a 110' LTI Ladder. No pump/tank

    Prince William County, VA (Station name unknown) -- 1990 Olympian single axle 110' LTI aerial. No pump/tank

    Baltimore County Fire Department (TEXAS Station) -- Year Unknown Olympian Tandem Axle chassis witha 100' LTI Tower Ladder. No pump/tank

    Neffsville, PA (Lancaster County) operates a canopy cab Olympian chassis Pumper-Tanker that was built by LTI. This unit, to my knowledge, is a one of a kind built by LTI and features an around-the-pump foam proportioner, as it is first due in to the Lancaster Airport.

    I can picture a few more in my mind, but can't place where they are located at the moment...

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    grc063 Guest


    Here are some more that I know of in my area -

    - Lodi, NJ - 100' Aerial Platform
    - Bloomfield NJ - 75' Quint
    - Delaware Park F.C., NJ - 75' Quint

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    fire-mech Guest


    The Chili FD. (western new york area) has one with a 100ft. platform (1986), also believed that this was the first one to be enclosed, LTI built a plywood moch-up of the crewcab for the dept. to review.

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    FF26 Guest


    fire-mech (Bob ???) is correct. The truck was built in late 1986 and was the first fully enclosed cab that they built. If you would like to see the truck visit our website at >>>

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