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    Post Anybody have a SNOZZLE???

    Hello brothers and sisters, I am searching for any departments that currently own or previously owned a truck with a SNOZZLE articulating boom.

    My department is in the process of replacing a 1500 GPM Seagrave pumper with a new pumper and a SNOZZLE. We are an Engine/Rescue company and have never seen or used one in our area.

    Any help, good or bad ideas, please share with me. Thanks

    Lt. Kevin C. (aka Pokey)

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    FINALLY!! Someone actually wants to hear about it. Yeah, we have a 1999 Pierce with the Snozzle on it and it is definately the best purchase our town has ever made. It's made the best stops on some pretty good fires we've had. Out of all the aerials we looked at we decided on this because in town(Princeton) we have some really narrow streets and so far nothing has gotten in its way. Please feel free to email me about any questions whatsoever at kyle@rendall.net. Hope to talk to you soon.

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    we dont have one but I believe i have seen pics of one from st paul or minneapolis (forget which one), i also read some articles about them and people who have them seem to like them. I think they would be a good option if you need an elevated device and you should be able to put different items at the tip

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    Prospect Park, in Pennsylvania has a 1999 KME with a Snozzle on it. They are located right next to Philadelphia. Their web site is www.station08.com they are a great group of guys and I'm sure will have no problem with any questions on the truck, or whatever you want. Take care

    Norwood Fire Co. No. 1

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    Pokey, we have a 1999 Seagrave pumper with the Snozzle and a rescue body. We love it. Email me if you want more info. You can see a picture of it at FernCreekFire.com

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    Prospect Park,Pa. has one. I heard they put a piercing nozzle on it, Anyone Know? Also heard the piercing nozzle went through the cab roof when they were bringing it down. Anyone know if this rumor is true?

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    I work for an Airport that has a TS3000 osh kosh with a snozzle. it's broke down more than its in service. Our truck is a 1998 and has logged more than two hundred hours down time for the snozzle part. It may work in the structural world as an elevated tool but the FAA was sold a bill of goods on its use for Aircraft. You have to position the $700,000. apparatus less than twnty five feet from your target to make it work. The piercing tip is the problem it only goes straight in and does not rotate to cut the fire off. You can't use it on a live rescue scenario or you'll lobster the Patients. Its another tool but for ARFF the money would be better spent on some other apparatus.

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