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    I was wanting to know if any one has ever seen or heard of a pumper with all the equipment it needs and a 4000 gallon water tank. We are a rural department and are main water supply is tanker shuttle. The pumper would be used as a tanker on grassfire's and as one of the main rigs on structure fires. We already have a 4000 gallon truck that is a 6X6 that we use for off road fire attack and it seems to work well with the weight. I was wanting to know so we can see the design from another company or if we will have to build the unit our Self. The main features would be a Front Mount pump in tank Porta-tank storage along with the ladders and a hose bed on top. there would be preconnects behind the cab at a ideal height for initial attack on structure fires. Any way I would appreciate the help and info.

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    LHS* Guest


    ISO Class 4 district wide Beatty Nevada runs a 4200 gallon pumper. 1200 feet of 4". ladders, air packs,guns, 1000 feet of attack line.

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    Not sure about the gallons on the trucks, but the<a href="">Rattlesnake Fire Department</a> in colorada bought triplets of the same truck, which has about everything you could need. They have everything from front hydraulic tools to a rehad area. Check out their website. There were a couple articles about them in fire-rescue magazine also.

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    HFD_CLanger Guest


    Showell, MD operates a 5,000 gallon tanker with a 1,250gpm front mount pump and full compartmentation. The unit was built by Southern Coach (1995?) on a Volvo/White 87,500-pound chassis.

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    S. Cheatham Guest


    It might be Showell, MD also, but I know 4 Guys out of Meyersdale, PA built someone a 4000 gal., 1250 front-mounted pump on a 2000 Volvo chassis with plenty of compartmentation. I can also vouch for the workmanship of this company. They just built us a great tanker.

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    Carpandean Guest


    New Vernon, NJ has a P/T with 4360 gallons and all the equipment to make a pumper (ok so it doesn't have ladders, but they could have put them on in place of one of the two 3,000 Gallon fold-a-tanks.) It's pretty easy on a tandem axle commercial chassis with a high GVWR (66,000 lbs.+). Most manufactures should be able to do something like that.

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    DonRobbie Guest


    Didn't the Showell, MD truck need a 4th axle to carry the weight?

    Not that a tag is a bad thing, just going to shorten tire life a little more than a tandem due to scrubbing in corners.

    Also if you get an air lift tag, they tend, in commercial use, anyhow, to be left "up" all the time (except when being weighed which may lead to overloading the tandems. Not fatal, just another training issue to add to the list.

    Best of luck

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    Nate Marshall Guest


    i agree with Bryan, the Rattlesnake truck is the way to go for your needs. very impressive truck.

    Not for every department but a great idea nonetheless.

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    larry cook Guest


    two or three smaller trucks might be a better way to go. If a unit breaks down you still have some equipment that can respond.
    Never put all of your eggs in one basket.

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    d308 Guest


    Larry Cook, You bring up a good point. Just for the Record this would be an addition to 2 pumpers, 4 tankers/grassfire attack rigs, a minipumper/rescue, a troop carrier, and a ILS/ACLS ambulance

    Thanks for the reply you have a very good point that should be listened to by depatments that have small fleets.

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