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    ladderman Guest

    Post new fleet

    my dept just put a order in for 10 new trucks by E-one 2-hp75 side stackers 1-95 mid-mount 1-heavy duty rescue 1-light rescue
    and 5-custom pumpers

    what im looking for is anyone who replaced their whole fleet at once. thanks

    and some good things about e-one

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    LHS* Guest


    Here are a few: Las Vegas, Richmond, St Louis, Houston, Kansas City, Spring, Magnolia, Hood County, Annaville, Rattlesnake, Fallon, Berthod, Annimas,

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    570eck Guest


    CA-CHING. While other co.s have done this and done it well my only question would be on training everyone with new equipment and any associated problems with breaking in. Also I would make sure you have a good spec. staff, if you are getting 5 identical pumpers that is 5 pumpers with potential to have things that you like or dislike and might want to have changed. Good luck.

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