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    firemedic01 Guest

    Post E-One vs Pierce

    I have been brought up in the fire service as pierce being the cadillac of fire apparatus. If you were buying a new truck today what would it be? E-One or Pierce..

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    EONESUX Guest


    Here we go again! A E-One vs. Pierce battle!

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    grc063 Guest


    The manufacturer's must love this. Why limit it to just E-One vs. Pierce. Let's do some others - ALF vs. E-One; KME vs. Pierce; Pierce vs. ALF. Seagrave vs. Pierce. Luverne vs. smeal etc.; etc.

    This should keep us busy!!!!

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    tc1chief Guest


    My opinion the best bang for the buck is ALF (Comercial or Custom). One thing to remember being centrally located on the east coast the ALF center is just 2 hours away from my station.

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    STATION2 Guest


    For clarification before everything digresses to hell in a hand backet, you said truck. Are we speaking of aerials? Be safe.


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    fireman_387 Guest


    EONESUX, you are the man !! Thought the emblem was fitting of someone of your stature!!

    In all reality folks, sucess of a apparatus as with anything really depends on the dealer and his service to a customer. certain things are inherent to the manufacturers but as long as they take care of problems as they arise, they all build a good truck, just some better than others in certain areas. Mainly find out who is getting the best service and don't be afraid to confront a potential dealer on your findings,and get his side of the "bad" stories as there is always two sides.

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    Engine 101 Guest


    Originally posted by EONESUX:
    Here we go again! A E-One vs. Pierce battle!
    Who cares as long as it gets you to and from the incident safely and gets the job done it makes no diffiernce whether or not I'm riding an E-one, Pierce, Seagrave, Smeal, Spartan, Luverne, Saulsbary, Freightliner. Mack, ALF or who ever else out there that makes Fire Engine's

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    Nick SBFD 6 Guest


    I think i'm leaving now, there's some grass growing somewhere that I could watch.
    If you want my opinion, have an e-one and 2 pierces, all are great.


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    Eng522ine Guest


    My personal preference is ALF or Pierce, because that's what I'm used to.

    But not for nothing, if any of them were all that much better than the other, somebody would be going out of business.

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    ladderman Guest


    if you love pierce ladders or should i say trust pierce ladders i have some thing you might want to see e-mail me and i will e-mail it to you.

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    Nate Marshall Guest


    Id say with any of the big three Pierce, E-One, or ALF you cant go wrong.

    Its also hard to compare e-one with saulsbury because they are the same company as is the case with many companies.

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    efd-outlaw26 Guest


    Pierce by far is the best apparatus out there. My department has had KME and they are horrible. WE keep coming back to Pierce because Pierce stands for quality and excellence. Our entire fleet is Pierce and we have had no problems.

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    wofd1 Guest


    Help. someone remind me how good pierces aren't. its out of service for 3rd time in 10 yrs for same problem only now we have to fix it right. its dependable if u need it it wont work. stay safe and pierce free.

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    Looper Guest


    My department is committed to Pierce. We have purchased more than 15 aparatus over the last 25 yrs, with no major problems that were not resloved.

    By contrast, a neighboring department recently ordered 13 vehicles from E-ONE (7 quints, 2 rescues, 2 tankers, 2 brush trucks). They were supposed to be delivered by 1-1-2001. They finally got the first of them last month (brush trucks). They were overwieght -- even before equipment & hose were added. That department is going to refuse to accept those rigs.

    For every manufacturer of fire aparatus (or any other equipment), there will people who swear by them and think that everything else is junk. Let's face it -- every company has made the "perfect" rig where nothing ever goes wrong with it, and every one of them has also built a "lemon" which never seems to get out of the shop. Who knows, maybe the "lemon" was built on a Friday afternoon before a 4-day weekend, and quality control just wasn't what it was supossed to be.

    If a department only buys one truck from a company, and that truck is a lemon, then of course they will have a poor attitude towards that brand. The same goes if that department's only purchase is the "perfect" truck.

    If you want a good opinion on the quality of any particular brand or type of equipment, then talk to somone who has several of them and you can get a feel for the overall quality.

    Just my $.02

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    LHS* Guest


    //They were overwieght -- even before equipment & hose were added. That department is going to refuse to accept those rigs.

    Oh really? They are both under GVW weight, about 1000 lbs to be exact, the delivery date you quote does not appear in the contract and the FD accepted them.

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    champE11 Guest


    Looper is correct and LHS is mistaken. The bruch trucks are overwieght and I have talk to some of the members about them. They have been told NOT to take the brush trucks off the road.

    Like Looper said Just my $.02

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    Resq14 Guest




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    LHS* Guest


    So where do I email a copy of the weight slip? Tomorrows date on it ok? Maybe the body work isn't an off road design and the vehicles are heavy is the reason not to take them off road?

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    Truckie5553 Guest


    Well i have heard alot of people talking about e-one and pierce, but the cadilac of fire apparatus is Seagrave. We have 2 spurts, a 100' aerial, and getting ready to purchase the 75' meanstick quint. I love seagrave. i have dealt with many different fire truck manufactures and i feel that by far seagrave is the best out there to date.

    Captain James Collier
    McMahan Fire Rescue
    KCTCS Area 6 Instructor

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    TCFD12 Guest


    Your are forgetting one very important factor - design. You need to put the time in on the design/development end, if you do you will be ahead of the game. No one manufacturer is any better than the other. They all offer different options. The bottom line is to deal with a company who understands your needs and is willing to support your purchase after you take delivery. Customer service must come in to play. Anybody can build your truck, but who can build it the way you want it??

    We are a predominately Pierce dept. and I can't say they are good or bad. They work when they need to. We are also currently spec'ing 2 new engine/rescues and have worked closely with Pierce, Saulsbury, ALF, ETC. to put our spec together. Right now it looks like our spec will be based on the Saulsbury, because of all factors involved not just because someone likes or dislikes them.

    You must research this carefully, don't listen to the "bashers" they have nothing productive to offer.

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    ricky Guest


    I was at their station Friday, last week, and the two trucks I saw were not in service. Unless all that plastic wrap on the equipment and windshields is something new in the Fire Service. Even the mechanic doing PM on the "in service" apparatus had to shown me how overloaded the brush truck looked.

    as stated before my $.02

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    LHS* Guest


    //Unless all that plastic wrap on the windshields is something new in the Fire Service.

    I pumped one all over south Texas for 11 days the other used in Spring drove as well, there was not any plastic on the windshields.

    // Even the mechanic doing PM on the "in service" apparatus had to shown me how overloaded the brush truck looked.

    So I guess the weight statement of 1000 pounds under weight is not as important as looks?

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    ricky Guest



    Maybe they "wrapped" it back up Larry. The grass truck I saw was not in service, neither was the quint.

    my $.02

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    Carpandean Guest


    Speaking of wrapped up, please wrap up this debate about the brush trucks. Pierce and E-one both produce about 1,000 trucks a year ... are the weight problems or not problemsof two trucks going to solve the never-ending debate over who is king of the fire apparatus world?

    As Looper and TCFD12 both mentioned, all manufacturers have their flagship beauties and their ever-serviced disasters. Work with all of you vendors to write a performance spec (i.e. what you need the truck to do, not the nitty-grutty like the dimensions of your mic box). Ask to drive some of their trucks that are on the same basic chassis and are similar in size and design. Look at the bid specs carefully and figure out just how well they meet your needs. Then, when you're all done, check it out thuroughly to make sure they built what they said they would. Do that and you'll limit the chances of getting the disasters (still could happend, but it's a whole lot less likely).

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    Captain54 Guest


    E-one and Pierce are both fine builders.Either one will do one well.My preference is E-One.My Company has beaten the **** out of 1982 E-One and it still comes back for more every day.In our research for the replacement of this engine,which will be delivered in spring of 2002,we chose E-One again.Our reasons were;
    Willingness to build what we need
    Safety features
    and last but not least
    A good experience with our first E-one.
    In our case price is not an issue and we can spend our money as we choose.
    See you on the big one!

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