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    Lightbulb Use of Breathing Apparatus appliance

    Hi every one, My name is Ray, and I'm a fire fighter Australia. On looking at your web sites over the past years I haven't seen any vehicles revolving around the service and filling of BA equipment.
    Our brigade currently runs a truck that carries, 8 sets of BA and 8 spare cylinders, 2-4 gas suits, 8 splash suits and various decontamination equipment. The truck also has a compressor that can fill cylinders at the scene of an incident or fire.
    Do you guys run anything like this over there??

    Bye for now, Ray

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    We have similar vehicles here, in several different versions. One type is a cascade system which consists of several large air bottles, a regulator (and sometimes a booster pump), which are used to fill individual SCBA bottles. For example; my department carries a cascade on our heavy rescue truck -- six 6000psi bottles, with an electric booster pump. It can fill two bottles at a time, and about 70 bottles total before it needs to refilled by the compressor at our main station.

    Some departments use a dedicated air truck, which carries some spare bottles and an actual breathing air compressor. This gives it unlimited filling capabilities at the scene -- povided there is clean air.

    A third system uses trucks that just carry huge numbers (200+) of spare bottles. The bottles are filled at a central breathing air shop. I remember reading an article about FDNY (I think) and how they had put several of these "bottle trucks" into service. The bottle racks were removable and set up like pallets -- a fork lift could switch out empty bottles for full ones -- 75 at a time.

    Most smaller departments don't have a dedicated breathing air unit. Many encorporate a cascade system into another apparatus, or have one at their station and fill the bottles there.

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    Hi there, our vehicle runs a Bauer compressor which can be used to fill cylinders direct from the compressor. We can also fill from the banks (storage cylinders), which when full hold 3200 bar, we usually fill around 7 cylinders from the banks when full.
    We can fill 2 200bar CFA cylinders at a time, and we can also fill 2 MFB (Metropolitian Fire Brigade)300bar cylinders also. The only truck in Victoria that is anything like what you have over there is the MFB's BA 38, carrys around 40 cylinders and I think 15 BG 174's, very impressive truck, but can not fill at the scene.
    But anyway, thanks for the little bit of insight into what goes on.
    Bye for now, Ray http://www.alphalink.com.au/~bayscfa/

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    Only one department in our county operates something like that. They use an air trailer, which is hauled behind an engine to where it is needed. We've used it already a couple of times this year. It has a compressor and a cascade system on it.

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