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    We are looking at buying 2 new pumpers and sent out for bids. We liked Pierce, and the new American LaFrance, But we were very surprised with the new Ferrara's on their new Inferno chassis. Pierce came back and bid something that we didnt ask for and were about $40,000 x 2. higher than anyone else so they unfortionatly cut themselves out. we Like the New Ferrara Inferno's does anyone work off one or know someone that does.


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    I have heard of Pierce doin this before changing the specs. Are you sure it was Pierce, or was it the dealer? Did Pierce change the trucks around to work for the better? Pierce is not a cheap truck, we are paying for a 450,000 dollar engine. It was designed to work far into the future and to be on the leading edge of suppression technology and set up to work for 30 years. Good luck with what ever you end up buying, careful specing!

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