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    Post Pierce Ladder vs ALF Ladder

    I am doing a comparitve analysis between Pierce ladder trucks and ALF ladder trucks. Any opinions and/or experiences about either one would be greatly appreciated. Specifics on diffrent models also appreciated.

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    Nate Marshall
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    Let me know what your considerations are and Ill see if I can help you.

    Both are great companies along with E-One, cant go wrong with the big 3. It basically comes down to cost, bid specs (who meets and exceeds all of your specs at the lowest price) and dealer.

    Its like comparing apples to oranges.

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    Ladder trucks...

    Who can compare with an E-One ladder?

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    We just went through this process a few months ago. Difficult question. We were looking for a new tiller. We ordered a LTI (now ALF) tiller w/ a Spartan tractor. I felt the ALF TDA was a better choice than the Pierce tiller. 1) The ALF tiller has been in production for much longer. 2) Many more units made each year, and currently in service. 3) Slightly better capacity with the ALF aerial. However, most tiller capacities are poor in comparison to rear mount aerial numbers. 4) The LTI/ALF plant is 100 miles away from us, rather than 1000 miles for Pierce, in case of a major repair required. That is my opinion about our tiller purchase. However, if a midmount, rearmount,or platform was what we were going to buy, I would have gone Pierce. We have a 1993 Pierce tower, and it has been a very good truck. And since we were the almost the last order to slip by with a Spartan chassis, we would be forced to use the ALF chassis if we ordered today. And of course everybody has their opinion, but I don't think ALF chassis can hold a candle to a Pierce. Also our new tiller, due for delivery in January, is not here yet. It will end up being at least 6 months late. We got our attorney involved and sent nasty letters to LTI/ALF. We have bought many Pierce engines/ladder/rescue/refurbs and never had that problem. Bottom line for me? Go Pierce for a better overall quality and better chassis. I think the aerial devices are pretty much a toss up. I would have much preferred a Pierce 105' rear mount, but the majority of the ladder committee wanted another tiller, since we have one now. That is what got us to ALF for a tiller. I don't know if you have been to both plants before or not. Pierce is like a laboratory; clean, modern, and very impressive. LTI/ALF is not bad, but a much smaller operation. And I think Pierce is spitting out at least 150 aerial devices a year or so. So they are making a lot of trucks. Good luck and let me know if you any other questions.

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