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    Question pierce....multiplexing?!?!?!?!?!?

    My department is currently considering a Pierce 100' aerial. Does anyone have any experience, good or bad, with multiplexing?

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    My Department has 100 FT. Platform sitting on
    a Pierce Lance 2000 chassis that has a multi-
    plexed system. It is a 1999 model and so far
    we have experienced no problems. Just the
    chassis is multiplexed and not the platform
    portion. My experience with the Pierce
    multiplexing has been positive.

    Randy Smith
    Blacksburg Fire Dept.
    Blacksburg, VA

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    Multiplexing is a new tool in the fire apparatus designing arsenal. At this point it's nice, but not fully utilized. As RKSmith said, only their chassis is multiplexed. It won't be long before most trucks use multiplexing, but for now it's mostly a "look, we can do something new" selling point.

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    Thumbs up

    My Station has a Dash 2000 with just over 7ooomiles and 800 eng.hours, we have nothing but good luck with this new system of wiring.

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    If you are strongly considering a Pierce Aerial, then call their local rep. & let him show you their multiplexing system. It is available on all Dash & Lance chassis. The 105' aerial is NOT multplexed YET. This will be frothcoming. All Pierce aerial platforms are multiplexed and it has some nice features. Call your Pierce dealer & let them fill you in.

    Good Luck!!

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    Red face

    What good is multiplexing if the ladder which it's supposed to multiplex is all rust? coughpiercecough


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    I hope we're not heading towards another aluminum aerial vs. steel aerial debate. Lets each take an aluminum & steel aerial device & expose them to heavy fire blowing out of a roof for an extended period of time. Then we'll retract the aerials & see whats remaining. Ask Boston about this.

    And as for the rust, the last time I looked, Aluminum also "rusts", (oxidation/"White Rust"). I have seen plenty of aluminum with "Rust" on it.

    Just my .02 worth

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    Thumbs down

    Resq14, what good is a ladder when the only truck you have to put it on falls apart? coughE-ONEcough,cough

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    Thanks for keeping your responses applicable to the original question ?!?!?!?!??!???!

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    Jeff Hendricks
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    I recently spoke with a pierce rep on this issue. Springfield Oregon recieved, I believe, the first platform with multi plexing. They had problems. In fact, they had so many problems they told pierce to take the truck back. Pierce took the truck back and gave them a new one. (Thats fairly good customer service)That is the only issue i've heard of with multi plexing. They have a pretty good system. Were ordering one in august.

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