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    Post Occupant Protection Sys for Apparatus

    When are we going to protect the rescuers as well as mfg's protect passengers in cars? These devices save lives! Shouldn't we have front and side air bags and seat belt pretentioners?
    How much is your butt worth in that $400,000. pumper?
    Would we have to give up a few whistles?
    I read that Freightliner offers an airbag and PSBT for the driver. Thats a start.
    Hmmmmmm :-)

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    I wholeheartedly agree.

    It doesn't quite make sense that the rescuers aren't afforded the same level of protection as their customers.

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    James Reider
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    I also agree.One thing I did look at when looking at new engines was the leg room for all firefighters in the cab.We have a Saber now and the members of our department can barely get their hands between their knees and the dash. What would happen in a head on crash ? Air bags are required in cars now, and some semi's are putting them in on their own. Let's see which manufacture's are going to be pro-active with this issue and which ones are going to be re-active.

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    E-One already crash-tests their trucks, so I predict they will become the first custom fire chassis manufacturer to offer SRS and more advanced safety features.

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