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    Red face Sutphen Engine Quality Control Issues

    Just curious to hear feedback from other departments regarding recently delivered Sutphen fire apparatus, specifically Engines. We have had problems such as inadequately designed tank overfill discharge causing water to enter compartments via airvents, crosslay bed that was marked "2-1/2" yet bed was 1" too narrow to fit two rows of hose, cheap door handles, and inverter/alternator problems resulting in inability to use lights or airhorns until after approximately 2 minutes run time.

    Thanks !

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    My past experience with Sutphen has been OK. We have a 1985 Pumper that has had various problems throughout the years. Sutphen has always stood by problems associated with their own design even long after the warranty period has lapsed. Suggest contacting Sutphen directly.

    In the future those problems can be avoided by a tight specification.

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    We have three Sutphen pumpers and a 100 ft platform and have not had many problems with them. I did notice the door handles seemed to be not working right. But the latest truck has different style handles. Overall i love the Sutphen. Oh yeah, we did have a problem with the Zyco ladder rack, but thats what happens when you back into a wall.
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