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    mnfireguy Guest

    Question Rear Steer

    Has anyone heard of any recalls concerning "rearstear" apparatus?

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    LHS* Guest


    No, but for $50,000 you can remove it from your rig. Ask FT Worth Texas

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    Jolly Roger Guest


    Yes, Pierce DID recall the All Steer due to a nick in the insulation on the wires in the wiring harness. The risk, miniscule as it may be, was that the nick on the insulation could allow a circuit to open and cause a short... which we all know would be bad. We never had any problems with our All Steer prior to the recall, and none since the fix.

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    FFD#30 Guest


    I have heard that KME stopped producing rear steer apparatus because of problems associated with driver error leading to problems with trucks. We do not have a rear steer at my dept right now, however we have been looking at one and I must say that they can do some impressing things. There wasn't a corner it wouldn't make.

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