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    Question Hi-Tech, Simon-Duplex, Pemfab???


    I was wondering; "Whatever happened to Hi-Tech, Simon-Duplex, and Pemfab?" If anyone knows if SimonDuplex and Pemfab still make chasis and/or if Hi-Tech still make fire apparatus, please reply to this post.

    Stay Safe!
    - Jim (j6200)

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    Pemfab and Simon-Duplex have both ceased production of their chassis...

    Simon-Duplex as a part of the Simon-LTI group... Simon-Duplex's sales were not very strong. Even if you look at the LTI products that were produced during the Simon-Duplex era, a vast majority were built on Spartan chassis... I believe Simon shut down Simon-Duplex because they were not producing a profit for quite some time... Not too much longer after that, American-LaFrance purchased LTI...

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    Thank you USAR.
    The info is greatly appreciated!

    Anyone know about Hi-Tech?

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    To my knowledge, Hi-Tech is still going. I just read somewhere I believe that said some one had just ordered some apparatus from them. San Fransisco wont buy anything but Hi-Tech pumpers for their 42 Engine Co.'s and San Jose has alot also for their 30 some-odd Engine Co.'s. Be safe.


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    Thumbs up

    hi-tech is alive and well in Oakdale, CA.
    at 209-847-3042.

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