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    Question pumper tanker wanted

    wanted new or used wetside 3000 to 3500 gal 1500 gpm front mount pump with hose bed for 2000 to 3000 f6t of 5 inch ldh with 10 or 12 inch dump valves on side and rear any info will be great

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    Having come from a department that operates a Grumman Pumper Tanker that has a 2,500 gallon tank with a 1,250 gpm top mounted pump... I can honestly say you are crazy!!!

    You want a front mounted pump with 3,000 gallons of water and a hosebed that holds 3,000 feet of 5 inch??? Were you looking at getting a tractor trailer... You'll probably need on with all of that... Do you realize how much room 3,000 feet of 5" hose takes up???

    Sound to me like a third tri-mester abortion!

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    Gee David, ours are 32' long but carry 5200 feet of 5 inch. Tractor trailer rig? As if.

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    that's right LHS also usar29 it takes about a 160 cubic ft hose bed for that hose lay if you do your math first its not that big of a hose bed and they build 3000 gal tankers everyday with frontmount pumps why buy 3 trucks when you can do it with one

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