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    ENGINE 52 Guest


    We are looking at buying a Pierce Enforcer.
    Does anyone have one and what problems if any have you had ?

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    pwc606 Guest


    There should be one delivered to the Warrenton Rescue Squad in about a month or so. It is a HDR. They are located about 45 miles south west of Washington D.C. if you care to wait that long to see one. The understanding I have of the Enforcer is that it provides you with the Dash chassis at a lower cost due to the electrical system. The main reason Warrenton went with the chassis was they wanted to be able to have a larger motor than what is in the Saber but did not want to pay the price of the Dash. It is a very good value for what you get in my opinion. I have not seen any new deliveries on the east coast yet so I am pretty sure that one will be one of the first. I know that when the order was placed back in August it was going to take a little while to get things moving because it was so new. There wasn't even one at Pierce for them to look at for a demo.

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    Looper Guest


    I saw an Enforcer a couple of months ago. The basic differences between it and the Saber are a bigger roomier cab, higher GVW, more engine options, and about $18,000 in cost.

    We are getting ready to replace one of our engines this year ('88 Lance) and are considering the Enforcer. We have two engines on Saber chassis, a rescue on a Lance2000, and a tower on the Dash2000, plus an engine on the orignal Dash ('92). The one drawback to the Enforcer (for us) is the instrument panel -- it is different from both the Lance/Dash and the Saber.

    The main reason we are considering the Enforcer is the greater choice in engines and transmissions. We don't really need the extra GVW on an engine. The bigger cab would be nice, but we haven't decided if the powertrain options are worth an axtra $18,000.

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