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    What is everyone using, what do you like//dislike about them and would you buy them again?

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    Hi Eric
    I'm a firefighter with the Porter (Texas) Volunteer Fire Dept. We primarily use Survivair air packs. Personnally, I like this unit. It is well built, rests comfortably on the wearer and the facemask provides a good fit, good seal and the regulator can be removed with one hand.
    We recently purchased several Draager's. BAD MOVE. They are not firefighting air packs! Flimsy construction, awkward to wear and you need two hands to disengage the regulator. Stay from them. In the future we may go to Scott's.
    Take care.

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    We are using Scotts. They are great packs, especially the new ones we just upgraded. The harness is pretty comfortable with wide straps and easy to use. The bottles are light weight composite High pressure (4500 psi). The regulators are able to be inserted and removed with one hand, and when they are removed you can breath very easiy through the mask. The face piece has a pretty good field of vision. I have used MSAs and Surviveairs and I personally prefer the Scott Airpack.
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