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    Question intercom systems

    Looking for input on intercom systems. Not who's the best, just good and bad points. likes dislikes, any major problems, etc.

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    David Clark, enough said. Many options, very rugged, military spec and lifetime warranty on components. Be safe.


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    We have both David Clark and Setcom systems installed in our trucks. The benefit is amazing. Being able to clearly talk to your crew while on route to a call only helps to smoothe your operation. Imagine that you get to a scene and everybody has an assignment and was able to understand it.

    My experience with the David Clark system is not that good, that's why we switched to Setcom. I feel, as do most of our members that the Setcom system is much clearer and has less background noise than the Clark system. The other distinct advantage of the Setcom system is that it has much fewer wires than the David Clark = easier to install. We had quite a bit of trouble interfacing the David Clark to our Motorola radios. Also, David Clarks customer support was terrible!!

    If its a question of whether to get or not to get a headset system, them definately get it, you won't be dissapointed.

    As with everything in this business, do the proper investigating into manufacturers and decide on your own.


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