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    Post Hahn Fire - Spire

    An area Fire Dept. has a used early '80's Hahn Fire Spire 106' aerial ladder for sale. Some people in my fire co. want to take a look at it becasue the price is so cheap. I have heard that this aerial ladder was discontinued because of design flaws. Any information on it would be most appreciated.

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    Your right, they did have some problems. Get ahold of Bellmawr Park in Camden County (they actually considered turning theirs into a pumper I believe), that ladder was taken out of service, Penns Grove in Salem County runs a slightly newer one, you may want to talk to them too. Penns Grove had the modifications made to it.

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    WE turned our 1980 into a rescuetruck.
    If you go into naevt.org there was just a very heated and long disscussion on this subject.
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    If I remember correctly, The problem with the FireSpire aerial was that the slide block mechanism was manufactured by a third party... The third party changed the design of the mechanism from what the original Hahn engineering designs specified... This resulted in an incompatibility that in at least a few occasions resulted in the aerial failing...

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    I have a video on why ladders fail. One of the shots is of a HAHN ladder, where they extended the ladder out horizontally to ultrasound the stick, and like was stated earlier, the stops, well, didnt. If I had video editing capabilities a good caption would be "I thought you said this was a 110 footer not 100?!?!?!" Hahn did make a BULLETPROOF chassis, provided you got one that didnt rust out from under you though.

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    I know of two Companies who had this truck and handled the problem in different ways. If you would like, contact the American HH&L Co of Bristol Borough, Pa, they still have the truck, but replaced the ladder, they can tell you their problems. Or, contact the Lansdown Fire Co, Lansdown, Delaware Co. Pa, if believe they have the repairs made to correct the problem and I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the truck is still in service.

    Hope this is of some help, Hahn did build a good Engine, but I believe the Ladder Trucks weren't their high point.
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