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    My co. is looking into a ladder. Myself and most of the crowd are leaning quint. The chief and some of the older members are leaning straight stick. I'm looking for any articles that can give good reasons for quints, the other sides main concern is that if we get a quint and a pumper goes the town will not replace said pumper because your new truck has a pump, this is not what I would consider a good point against a quint. So any leads would be appreciated.

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    I am no fan of dropping a quint into a traditional engine truck department. It becomes a bastard child that no one knows quite what to do with. Is it a truck this time? Or an engine? Does dispatch send an additional truck because now the quint is a engine or an additional engine because this time it is a truck? I know, I know, if you put 7 or more people on it perhaps it can do both jobs at the same time. Now pull your self back to reality where most quints are staffed with 3 or 4 firefighters. With that staffing it can only do one job, and which one will it be this time? Or because it never was utilized or staffed as planned it eventually becomes an engine that HEY, has a ladder, or a ladder that HEY, has a pump.

    In my opinion if a quint is to be truly utilized to its fullest one of 2 scenarios must take place: 1) It is part of a department that has embraced the quint concept, like St. Louis. Everything there is a quint, with the exception of the heavy rescues. The flexibility is increased by knowing EVERYTHING coming in can pump or put up the stick. Manpower is supplemented by the 7 FF rescue companies. 2) It is the only ladder company in a volunteer/combo FD that seldom uses the ladder but needs it for a particular hazard or for ISO points. There it runs commonly as the second or third engine and if specced well perform admirably in that task.

    I haven't been on an FD with the total quint concept. I have been however on the FD that dropped a quint in a traditional engine truck department. It has proven less than successful. I also have been in the volly/combo FD situation. The rig was specced well as was a good third out engine that had the option of being a ladder truck when needed.

    Why do you want a quint? If it costs you an engine company what did you gain? I would love to know your reasoning.

    Take care and stay safe,


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