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    Question American Lafrance Silver Eagle Aerial

    What's the deal with this truck? I hadn't realized there was a stainless steel aerial on the market.

    Is anyone running one of these? Are there any models with sticks longer than 75'? What's up with the direct linkage controls and 'orbit motors' mounted on the midsection? How exactly does it work?

    And why are there only 2 jacks? Wouldn't this limit the truck's ability to make a set on a front-to-back slope? Or are longitudinal slopes not an issue with some trucks?

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    The ALF "Silver Eagle" is only offered in a 75' configuration. It is basically an "Aerial Innovations" built aerial. Because on the 75' length, as with most 75' ladders, it only requires one set of out & downs. Valley Hill NC has, (I believe), the first one built, which would be about 2 - 3 years old. Alf has only built a handfull of these units.

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    They seem like a pretty decent deal. Instead of using a cabling system they use gear driven extension on each fly. A few years back I had an ALF welder in house to make some repairs to our midship and he was delayed in coming as he was finishing the prototype. I havent heard much back on how well they work or how well they hold up, but for some reason ALF doesnt seem to be marketing them very hard. As far as the jacks, some if the midship ALFS have a little screwdown jack in the front. Our tiller doesnt and front ops dont seem to be hindered at all.

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    We just took possesion of the ALF Silver Eagle. We have had it for about 6 weeks and haven't even put it into service yet. However, I have driven it several times and can tell you it handles like a truck half its size and weight. Check out our website for pictures: www.forestbendfire.com . Are you in the market for a new aerial? It's assigned to my station, so I'm not too familiar with some of the design technicals that there are. As for the 2 jacks- longitudinally, we have no problems in this part of Texas, there aren't any slopes.

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