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    Question Opinions & Idea for New Medium Duty Rescue

    Apparatus Experts,

    Our department has started the long journey to design and justify a new Medium Duty Rescue Truck. I am looking for things you've seen that you liked and wouldn't go without. And things you'd suggest to steer clear of. We are basically purchasing a new Cab and Chassis (same series we currently have Chevy 3500 4x4). The changes other than a new chassis would be the layout and design of the body. Looking @ a 12ft Aluminum Walk-Around. So tell me what you know and what you would like us to know. This truck will run in Northern VT; providing Auto Extrication Services to portions of 6 communities. Both Interstate and Secondary Roads will be included. We have and will have Hurst equipment.

    Also anyone had experience with Hurst Power plants that are PTO driven off the Allison Transmission.

    Let me know. Thanks,

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    I believe Chevy is coming out with some higher GVWR versions of their new HD's to compete with the F-450 and F-550's in the 2002 or 2003 model years. You could do a rescue on the 3500, but you could put a lot more on a 4500 or 5500. Sound like it would be around the right time frame for you. Personally, I like the Chevy's a lot more than the Fords, but both could work.

    I would think about an Auragen (sp?) or maybe a small (6kW or so) hydraulic generator. AMPS has done them on Fords before, so they (or Harrison or Fabco or ...) should be able to do something like on the Chevy. I think the new Allison 1000 series Transmission on the Chevy has two PTO pads. Not sure how accesible, but they're there.

    No matter what type of generator you use, consider a Nite-Scan Chief or similar small light tower. They fit in a small place, don't require a big kW generator and still can light up a scene pretty well.

    As far as the PTO Hurst system, I know that I've brought them up before, but check out Fitchburg: http://www.fitchburgfire.com/services.htm
    They have a PTO driven Hurst system built by Saulsbury. It's on a much bigger Allison (HD Series), but they same theories could probably be used on the 1000's.

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    We currently run a '97 Medium Duty 14' Walk In on a Ford F-Super Duty 4X4 (pictures can be found at http:\\n2dfire.tripod.com\stationbio.html

    Things I have seen, used , or would like to have:
    - Lights, Lights, Lights - can never have enough light on Scene in the dark. Never used the NS chief - but have seen it and am very impressed. Would like to see one on our next truck.

    - Cord reels (gotta have something for the lights to plug into).

    - If you run a "Mixed Bag" of electrical plugs (i.e. twist lock & standard) then look into some type of outlet box (such as made by Extenda-Lite - http://www.gfemfg.com/extlite/junctionbox.html) that will give you both types on the end of your cord reels. That way you won't have to worry (as much) about having the right adapter.

    - Have every compartment wired with an accessory drop for 12v DC and 110v AC even if you just terminate it in a junction box w/ a cover plate for now. Never know what you may want to add in the future and it's a lot easier to wire now than later (personal experience).

    - Auto Eject shore line tied to On board battery Charger and all the afore mentioned AC compartment outlets. (I know it sounds basic but you'd be surprised how often this is overlooked). That way any Cordless tool batteries and Portable radios can be kept on charge in the truck while at the station.

    - Under body lights at each compartment & cab door to illuminate where you are walking.

    - Winch. Consider getting one that mounts via a Reese Hitch and can be moved from Front to Rear (or even the sides if you have the truck built that way)

    Now - I won't get into my personal tirade over generator selection, but . . .

    From personal experience in 1996/7 - we couldn't get a true PTO generator on a Ford 4X4 (F-Super Duty in years before the F-450/550). Also 4X4 was Ford Warranted after-market from Quigly not a Factory job.

    We ended up spec-ing and buying a PTO Hydraulic generator and had nothing but trouble from Day 1. Truck builder blamed PTO Installer, PTO Installer blamed Quigley, Quigly blamed Builder (etc. etc. etc.

    After almost a year of finger pointing, phone calls, letters, and trips to various repair shops we finally just yanked the entire PTO hydraulic set up and installed a Electric Start Honda Gas Unit. Not the most streamlined and neat system (most after thoughts never are) but to date we have NEVER been without AC on a scene.

    Bottom Line - anything you get added to the chassis - see it in action before you take delivery of it. (BTW - same truck arrived from the Factory, delivered by a technician, with the hydraulic lines from the PTO pump to the generator MISSING !)

    Good Luck with your truck.

    Take Care - Stay Safe

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    Hi! Summit Fire Apparatus currently shows a demo rescue truck on their web site which I thought might be of interest. You can look at: http://www.summitfireapparatus.com/ and then go to Demo Units.

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    Have a look at a new web site for this type of unit and others. www.traditionseries.com

    It shows this type of rescue and others. You can also pull up a complete standard and option list for the Tradition. Cool site.

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