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    Post Parts for 1932 WLF

    My department has a 1932 Ward Lafrance Pum per that was restored for us. It has the Lycoming Engine that I understand was only used for a few years. I am in Great need of a water pump for it. HELP
    Any info will be greatly appreciated

    Chief Jennings

    Kim Jennings
    Chief, Canton Fire Dept.
    Bradford County 911 Telcommunicator
    Assistant Ema Coordinator--Canton Boro/Twp and Leroy twp
    Bradford Co. Fire Coordinator

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    try John at 856-423-4345 or email

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    If you haven't been able to locate the water pump, you might want to try posting messages on the following web sites:
    SPAAMFAA http://spaamfaa.org/

    Unofficial SPAAMFAA http://wsfire.com/spaamfaa/wanted/wanted.html

    Hammerdown http://www.hammerdown.com/fire.html

    Teds Engine House http://firearsn.empowering.com/antiquefiretrucks.htm

    Engine 42 BBS http://rhd.dyndns.org/cgi-bin/shanes/Ultimate.cgi

    Good luck!

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