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    Default Apparatus Replacement Schedule

    Do any departments have apparatus replacement schedules or specific guidelines they follow for years-of-service for apparatus? I would like to see what is out there, as our city fathers want a plan - in writing - to address apparatus replacement intervals, including ambulances. Any assistance is appreciated!

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    FDNY tries for a 10 replacement cycle on engines, ladders and heavy rescues.
    Some support apparatus gets replaced less frquently (i.e. 12 to 15 years).
    Since FDNY took over EMS, they are trying to replace ambulances every 5 years.
    Chief's vehicles are aroung 5 as well.

    Take care and be safe

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    Our department is currently on a 15 year replacement schedule for pumpers in first line service. 23 - 25 years is the maximum age for reserve status. As for aerial devices, we are trying to go with about the same schedule, give or take a few years. Some considerations on establishing a replacement schedule should be engine hours, miles, # of runs, does the unit have an enclosed cab, etc..

    NFPA 1901 "recommends" that no unit be in service, (front-line OR reserve), that is 25 years old or greater.

    Take care & be safe

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