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    Has anyone out there had a problem with a Pumper moving on them once it is "supposed" to be in Pump Gear. We have a new E-One and it will move if not put in pump gear in the correct fashion. They are trying to figure out how to disable it so that it will not happen again. They can not figure out if it a SPARTAN or E-ONE problem to correct. The pump panel show that it is in pump gear even if the interior indicators don't. We had a very costly experience and hope that no one ever gets hurt by it. I am curious if any other brands have this or any helpful info.
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    My department has a 2000 E-One. We have had a few instances where we could not get the truck to shift into pump gear. It has an electronic gear selector. We shut the truck down the whole way and waited for about thirty seconds and fired it back up before it would work. On the scene of a haz-mat call about a year ago, the truck was sitting in pump gear and at idle for an extended time. The pump cooler was operating. The DE went to charge a line so we could back up the haz-mat team and the truck lurched forward and stalled. The wheel chocks were properly engaged, so, the truck didn't go anywhere. The DE has about twenty years experience and is a state instructor, so, I really don't think he made any mistakes. No could ever explain why that happened and to my knowledge it hasn't happened again. We've had some other electronic glitches with the truck since we've had it. I'll advise if I hear anything alse.
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    Sounds like an Allison transmission problem. The electronic control modules have been known to be sticky or hesitate going into pump. Never saw ours move, but we didn't get power to the pump or rear.

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    You have to see the speedometer register a speed prior to assuming that the rig is in pump. Don't rely on the green light, or a sound, or I've done it before X amount of times. The speedometer will show a speed, it won't bounce or change then, till you throttle up. In the examples you gave the pump wasn't in. period.
    It could be operator error, or a problem with the rig. But a rig is in one or the other (unless it's a PTO) If it is in pump it won't move.

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