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    Default HME Chassis and Central States

    Has anyone had any experiences (Good/Bad/Other) with HME chassis and Central States quality. Specificly in Heavy Rescues (Walk-around).

    Thank you!

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    HME builds a great chassis. So does Spartan their competitor. Competition keeps them both on top of the game. Central States offers alot of different products but what you need to avoid is an aluminum body built on a steel subframe. They will tell you this is what makes there body stronger but that's a sales pitch. If you want an aluminum body buy an aluminum body. If you want stainless steel buy stainless steel. But don't buy that other cramp. There are basically 3 different aluminum body construction types today.
    1. Formed - which is a full tubular framework with aluminum sheets continuously welded into it.
    2. Extruded - which has tubing with slots that the sheets of metal slide into and are tacked into place. These bodies used curved pieces that make rounded corners on the front and rear of the compartments.
    3. Combination - Which uses some of both together.
    What you also want to compair is metal thickness or gauge. Not strength testing but actual thickness. Alot of extruded body builders have their own components manufactured and they stress test them and rate them so they can include this in there specs to keep others from fairly bidding against them. Another thing some manufactures will do is to use thicker extrusions and thinner sheeting or vise versa. What out for the 1/8" thick stuff!
    Also keep in mind that aluminum doesn't mix well with other metals and electrolisis can occur if this happens. The manufactures who use steel will all tell you how great there galvanization process is and bla, bla, bla. Ask them if they will sand it and repaint it if it is rusting in 10 years. Then watch them dance. Besided who would want steel on the underside of there fire truck where all the road dirt and other junk goes. I live in Pennsylvania and the road salt they use around here in the winter time is terrible. We try to pressure wash our undercarrages on our rigs every spring. I can say Central States does build what I consider to be a great rescue pumper package truck. It is called the Centurion. Everyone that I know who bought one has been happy with their's. If it's an aluminum rescue you want email me and I would be glad to steer you in a few good directions. Thanks and take care.

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