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    Default AMPS & Smart Power hydraulic generators

    Does anyone have good or bad experiences with either of these manufacturers? I don't want to start a "this one is better than that one" war - so please keep it civil. We are getting two new engines with 15 KW units, and the apparatus manufacturer will install either companies generator. If you have a Smart Power or AMPS generator, are you happy or dissatisfied? Would you spec another one? Any service or warranty issues? Just trying to get a feel for what's working, and what isn't. Thanks in advance!
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    I have heard of people having problems with the larger of the AMPS generators. We looked into getting one on the Seagrave Rescue Squad, we decided against it after talking to some others who have had them and had problems. They also down rated the 30 KW to a 25KW, kind of m=made us worry.

    I have not heard of the Smart power generator, so not much help there.

    The only suggestion I have is if you go with the AMPS, I suggest that they install an on/off switch. When they first started to install them they always ran "on", If a hydraulic line broke you either had to turn the whole vehicle off or burn up your hydraulic pump, not great choices.


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    Hammer has a good point about the switch, We have a 25 KW amps and have had no trouble, unit has a switch but is always on , nice for finding addresses on the way to a call. We light up the road with a front facing 1500 watt light.
    I think smart power has had some blower/fan trouble.
    The other one to look at is Harrison


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    We've used a Harrison hydraulic on our ALF/General Safety pumper for the past 2 years with absolutely no problems. Nothing against the other guys...it's a nice unit, worth looking into.
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    I am in a unuque situation in having experience with AMPS, Smart Power and Harrison. Interesting enough I prefer AMPS for a major reason. AMPS is located about 3 miles from our main station and service, not needed yet, is very close. As for the operation of them we have them and they have been NO PROBLEM. Reliable, quiet, consistent and priced fairly in the market place. As for Harrison they build a good generator in their Hydragen set with a down side being its size. In my paid department we run all Smart Power generators on the Engine Co.'s and have heard of no problems with them except for the mounting location which can not be blamed on them. Keep in mind generators are like apparatus specs, you get what you pay for and only that. You spec a minimum generator with no room for additional growth and its your fault, not the makers. Just my thoughts. Be safe.

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    Harrison has come oout with new units that are much smaller to compete with the others. AMPS is a spin off from Harrison. Harrison was the first. AMPS did have problems at first but anything new will have to have the bugs worked out of it. I am not to fimilar with Smart Power. They are only used by a few manufactures but that doesn't say anything about their unit. A MAJOR consideration for this unit is the PTO. MAke sure you get a PTO that can be manually disengaged in the event of a problem. Have the builder put a PTO shift level somewhere so you can disengauge the PTO if there even is a problem. You also want a system that has a gradual speed start up. This will also eliminate alot of problems with start-ups when moving. Last important thing is unit placement on the rig. Some will tell you it doesn't matter where you mount the unit. I say "hey man get your head out of your ***". I have seen how dirty the tailboard gets when driving down that dirt driveway. Now imagine the inside of the power generating unit that is cooled by a fan forcing air across it. Who would wnat to place that up under the body somewhere. You can do whatever you want but on my next unit it will be up top or in a compartment again. They all build good units if you do your home work and talk to people who have used them. Check out the web sites and don't be affraid to call them and ask them questions. Thanks and good luck. FGN

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