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    We are thinking about getting a 75' Tele-squirt. What experiences have you had?

    We can't afford to go new so this is a used/refurb unit.

    Looking at the tip-load rating and remote control waterway it seems pretty good. The only thing that seems to be a question is working off the smaller ladder and lower side rails.

    We don't use the aerial that we have now that often and when it is used it is usually an aerial master stream. Mostly it is a big tool box and troop carrier.

    Any pro's or con's you have had first hand would be appreciated.

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    Chief I can appreciate your position in terms of cost and going with a refurb unit but think it through. Has it had its annual certification by a third party, any obvious corrosion problems (Internal that is, have it magna-fluxed), ring gear examed, hydraulics in good working order, etc. As for justifying it by saying you never use your aerial I disagree. If you only use your aerial for master streams it is a useful piece of apparatus. If your thinking of replacing your aerial with a tele-squirt think it through. Even if you have never used for other than master streams, you still can if needed. The tele-squirt is not capable of the same operations as your aerial. Tip load, distributed load, GPM, areas of operation, etc. can be different. Our Tower is used 95% of the time for aerial master streams also, but we would never get rid of it for a tele-squirt. When you need it you need it. We are planning on a purchasing a tele-boom as well but only for additional master stream capablitites for one of our Engine Co.'s, not to replace our tower. Be safe.

    Stay low and move it in.

    Be safe.


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    How about this? Lease a station 2 type tower for $675,000. Use the $200,000 you'll need for a 75' squrt. Make payments of $48,000 for 7 years and never have an old ladder?

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    I think if you want 75' or more you should definately consider a full blown ladder type unit. The ladder gives you more in the areas you mentioned. If 55' or 65' will do and size or weight are considerations then a telesquirt is definately the way to go. My volunteer department went through this debate in 1997. We had a 1985 Hahn with a 55' LTI Fire Stick which was LTI's version of a telesquirt. We looked at everything available and went with an E-0ne 75' Rear Mount. We didn't give up much in going to a 75' rear mount. Alot of the manufactures now offer the side hosebed which we might have gotten would it have been available at the time. We looked at a 100' rearmount but it was just to big for our first due area. The 75' could reach 95% of all roofs in our first due area and we have two 100' towers on either side of us. One to the east and one to the northwest. We didn't want to duplicate services and saw a need for a smaller truck and had proven it's worth several times. We run our unit as a Quint in our first due area (first out on all box assignments/anything involving a building or structure) and run it as a Truck Company on all mutual aid responces. It has a 1500gpm Hale pump, 500 gallons of water, and 800' of 5" supply line just to mention to basics. We carry the required NFPA equipment for a ladder and are only missing hard sleeves to meet a pumper. Our county recognizes it as a Truck. Check around and you may be able to find a nice used 75' unit out there. I know there were two for sale in one of the used apparatus web sites. A department where I used to work had a Pierce 65' Telesquirt. It was perfect and a great piece to operate. I feel these work best if you want a pumper with some kick. Both designs are nice if you have limited manpower. You may also want to talk to some apparatus manufactures and explain your budget and what you are looking for and let them give you some options. Take care and good luck with this endevor. FGN

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