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    Angry Pumper or EMS Suburban for running around?

    My department uses multiple apparatus manned by the same crews. In my station I have an EMS Suburban, Pumper and a brush rig. We use the appropriate vehicle for the call. Typically when when were available in the district (running errands, inspections and so on) we have the option of choosing what vehicle to use. Most used pumpers to cover all the bases. Now are chief has ordered us to use the suburbans exclusively and to leave the fire fighting rigs in the station. Our department runs approx. 800 calls a year (75% medical) between two stations. The reasoning (which I do not agree with) is we will wear out the pumpers by driving them around. The chief is also strongly opposed to running pumpers on EMS calls as well, but we do equip them as backup medical rigs. What do the rest of you do?

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    With all that manning you must have, you can leave a full crew back to man the engines when you're on an EMS call in the Suburban, right? I didn't think so. 800 runs a year from 2 stations will not "wear out" your engines. We run EMS with Engines, my current one runs 2500 runs a year, is 14 years old and 96,000 miles, and runs fine. How will he explain to the taxpayers that the $300,000 fire engine was unmanned in the station to prevent wear and tear on it while their house burned down? That only has to happen once for him to change his mind.

    We crossman 2 ladder / rescues-they are either a ladder or a rescue, depends on what they take. It's a pain. If we have 2 MVAs within the same timeframe (everyday at rush hour) the dispatcher is constantly begging them to get in service so they can man a truck if we get a fire. One day last month the truck/rescue company at my station went on two calls. Each time my engine had to take something off their other rig and take it to the scene for them because they needed something from the other rig. (Took Truck on a police assist, which usually means ladder a building so they can check the roof-turned out they needed a water rescue suit to look for a gun in shallow water. They took the Rescue on a CO detector call-chimney was blocked with a nest, they needed a ladder to get on the roof.)

    If you are a small dept that can't man multiple vehicles adequately, I say put the basic rescue and EMS stuff on a pumper and man that. Don't play musical fire trucks. it's not worth it.

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