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    Post command console in cabs???

    Help. has anyone seen or currently use a pumper that has been set up with a command console in the cab? i can't remember where i saw a picture of one. the company officer sat in the back with the firefighter down in front. anyone?

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    My department has a (sort of) command console mounted in the rear of the cab. We have a '96 Ferrara engine built on a Spartan Advantage 6-man cab. We had the factory build us an aluminum box with a hinged front that opens (on pneumatic struts) to create a desk/work area. The 2 seats mounted on the rear wall (non-SCBA seats) provide seating at the desk. On either side of the desk are two rearward facing SCBA seats (a total of 6 riding positions). On top of the desk are mounted a mobile radio and a cellular telephone. Inside the desk is storage for reference books, report books, command vests, and miscellaneous supplies. This setup really comes in handy on long haz-mat scenes (we're a small volunteer department and this engine responds to just about everything). It's also a good spot to rehab (or wolf down a burger and cold drink)because it's air-conditioned. We also had Ferrara add more overhead dome lights than standard to properly light the work area. If I can get my hands on a digital camera I'd be glad to send you some pics. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

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