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    Post What do you carry?

    I am intersted in what type of equipment you carry on your aerials, resuces and pumpers(Fans, tool boxes, cutting torch, ect)? I am trying to come up with a list things that are a must have on each specific type of apparatus. <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

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    As far as aerials go, make sure you've got fans and saws. We've got a PPV fan and a smoke ejector, a vent chain saw, a regular chain saw, a sawzall, a rotary saw. ISO requires an acetylene torch, but realistically most modern rotary saws will go thru most everything you used to use torches on, so why waste the bin space? Also irons, portable lights, bolt cutters, pry bars, quite a few pike poles, extinguishers (I'm personally a fan of the plain old water can), and hi-rise hose packs. We've also got a thermal imager on our aerial, which is REALLY nice.

    On the engine, a smoke ejector, a chain saw, a set of air chisels, a big tool box, some portable quartz lights, kitty litter, push brooms, shovels, Med bag with O2, cribbing/step chocks. We also have one of those Foam Pak's, the little yellow hand-held jobbie. It makes a nice foam blanket.

    Of course the normal hose, nozzles, fittings, etc go without saying.
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