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    Default Atascocita Vol Fire Department WEB SITE

    Come to our web site and see what you think. Look at our newst engine, Engine 3

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    Hi Cooper 3

    I checked out your web site.Awsome nice set up.Iam from Ont Canada,and also belong to a vol department.Iam intersted in setting up a web site some time soon,looks like alot of work went in to yours.
    Take Care
    Paul J
    East Gwillimbery F.D

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    Nice web site, very well planned. Your new engine is sharp. If this is your first truck with "A" foam, you will like it. great knokdown and little rekindle -though it does take some of the fun out of it!-.P.S. how does Darth Vader see out of his visor? Just kidding. Be safe.

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    Tom Lafleur
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    Greetings from Massachusetts.Great web page.We have a 97 KME with class A foam and it works great on trash fires,etc.We havn't used it in a structure fire because we havn't had one since we got the peice,go figure!! We have a great fire prevention program.Our web site should be ready in a few weeks,(if we can get the guy off his butt!!),so i'll post it when it's ready.Stay safe.

    Tom Lafleur

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    Hey Great website. It is very well done and laid out. Can you have the webmaster E-mail me on how to do the highlighted buttons. I have not been able to find how to do them..

    ED C.
    Unofficial Pittsfield Twp. F.D.

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