Arizona State University has updated its Fire Service Programs webpage and is worth a look to anyone interested in a formal fire service education. Check it out at

Fire Programs at ASU East include the Bachelor of Applied Science in Fire Service Management (BAS-FSM) and the Master of Technology in Fire Service Administration (MST-FSA). An 18-semester hour undergraduate certificate is under review and hopefully will be added to the program in the near future.

The ASU East Fire Programs are designed to provide for its customers’ needs in several important ways. First, it is committed to provide the highest quality education and learning experience possible, through effective curriculum design and course preparation. Second, it is recognized that students and program participants want flexibility, convenience, and choice in the delivery systems used to deliver its programs.

These programs prepare students and practitioners to successfully perform managerial and executive duties in federal, state, and local, fire departments and related fire service organizations, including institutions of higher learning by providing them with cutting edge technology, education, and skills in the areas of fire service management and administration.

The Fire Program at ASU is for those already holding an Assiciates Degree. You can earn this degree at the community college in Chandler/Gilbert and live on-campus.