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    Dave Smith
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    Default Exhaust Removal Systems

    Our Fire Stations have been tested for contaminated air due to deisel exhaust emmissions and the air quality has come in under provincial standards. I now have to find legitimate arguments to sell the Corporation on getting exhaust capture systems for our stations. I beleive that these systems should be in place but it is difficult to sell tha finance department when the air quality passes Provincial or State standards. Any ideas.

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    Tom Granat
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    Could you use the same type of argument as second hand smoke? If the person isn't there smoking at the time the test is being done, it wouldn't detect anything, but if the test is run when all your trucks start up to respond to a call, then the hazardous conditions will be present. How about retention of particulate matter in your turn out gear??/ If your gear is stored in the truck bays, they may hold the particulates for awhile after they have been subjected to the fumes. Contact one of the companies that sells the systems, I'm sure they could give you ideas for justification.

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