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    Just like to know how some of the Federal Depts are handling the 2/2 regulation. Have you writen any formal SOG's, training, etc. Let me know, I'm interested. Most of the places that I'm familiar with have manpower as their biggest issue. Hope to hear from you.

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    here at picatinny arsenal we normally have 3 on the engine ,3 on ladder truck,1 on haz. mat vechile,asst.chief counts as part of manning,11 personel on two shifts ,with minimum manning at #8 which #9 being mostly normal with two personnel off on kelly day(rdo) except on tuesdays which all personnel are on duty unless leave is taken.Managment knows about the 2 in /out but is hard,depending on the fire,we can only either fight the fir first or ventlate,.
    But help is on the way ,new commander of post
    has given the ok to hire 7 new personnel to bring us up to were we should be...

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