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    Default Getting kicked out of a Vol. fire comp.

    Hey I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out here. I was a Jr. firefighter for 4 yrs. at Coolbaugh fire comp. and I was brought up for senior membership and i was voted down. While I was a Jr. member I was the Lt. for the Jr. corp.and I went to every course I possibly could go to and I passed and got ceritificates for all of them. I am kind of suspicious about the whole vote because the votes did not add up to the number of people. I was one of the most active firefighters at the station and I know how to do everything as a Jr.firefighter. What I would like to know is how they could do this and what actions I could take on it. Thank you for your time,

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    Jeff, It seems like there should be some kind of appeals process in place for someone in your position. If there isn't, there should be. Bring up your concerns to the Chief and/or his staff. You don't have much else to loose since they have already written you off.
    Good Luck, Frank

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    Is your deparmtent a private fire company or a municipal department. If it is a municipal department they should not be voting on members anyway, it should be done via an application and interview process. If yours is a municipal department maybe you need to bring this to the local governmental laeders for an appeal and a review of the hiring policies/practices.

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