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    Post Army Depot in Oregon

    I work at the Umatilla Army Depot in Oregon. we are a small station with 8 GS-6 Firefighters one GS-10 Chief two GS-7 captains.We only run apx.200 call a year.
    one of our Firefighters tryed to get the Fire dept.to use an accountability system but he was told by managment that it was for the big departmants and we did not need it what can we do to change this do other Fed dept. use them?also can you use the driver as
    part of the 2 in 2 out? or part of your RIT
    team. let me know thanks

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    Tom65, I"m from picatinny arsenal fire,an army R&D post in N.J. in answer to your questions. First-don't feel bad your not the only dod fire dept that don't have a accountabily system,we do not ,we do have the tags{a step above you!} but thats about it ,no sop ect yet. Management wanted the tags to be given to the drivers of the trucks,but that didn't work out well ..

    As far as using a driver as part of the 2 in 2 out,i don't think you can, check the Fed OSHA rules on that.. you might be able to use a driver as part of the RIT team if there
    not operating the truck. Again check OSHA Rules. You can e-mail me any time.

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    Guys, I work at Ft. wainwright fire dept in alaska, we went through the 2 in/2 out thing about a year ago according to what we have figured out the engineer cannot be used in 2 in/2 out if they are operating the pumper. If they are unassigned and have firefighter duties then they can be used. as far as getting an accountablity system we use the passport system that Seattle came up with, it is expensive though, and money is something it seems fire chiefs dont like to use. I think if you push it as a safety issue, and maybe get your union involved then you may get that pushed through. For us all of the surrounding mutual aide departments use it so we were kind of pushed that way. e-mail me if i can help.

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