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    Post DOD Fire Departments running ALS


    Are there ANY DOD fire departments out there that are running ALS? Either as a first response or as the ambulance provider? Wacky stuff is happening here, and I would like to see how other base fire departments are involved in EMS. Preferably Army departments, but I'll be happy to hear from all.


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    FF McDonald
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    You may want to check the Parris Island Fire Dept web site. I believe that they run ALS-- They didn't when I went through boot camp down there-- 1993, but I saw their web site recently, and I believe that they do in fact run ALS. They can be found either through the "firehouse.com" links page, or at www.fire-ems.net which provides links to on-line FD's. If I find it I'll post it here.......

    Hope this helps.

    Semper Fi--


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    Vinny Del Giudice
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    I'm pretty sure Fort Belvoir, VA runs an ALS unit -- Medic 463. Fort Belvoir operates two structural stations and a crash station and runs mutual aid with Fairfax County, the largest fire-rescue department in Virginia. Cheers. Vinny.

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    Here on my post we only run First Responder
    EMS. I know in the new dod regs. they want
    all new hired to be EMT'S/F/F ...

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