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    Question Dod & opm

    Anyone other than me wonder how the DOD Certs hit the street without OPM giving the OK. We are working on I&I on this issue. We found out that OPM has a regulation that states management can not pay for classes for promotion.

    I know this is being worked on at this time, but how did it get this far? It looks like the effective date will be moved back again. I think the system is a good idea. I just wish they would have give it more thought.

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    haztech606 Guest


    On the DOD cert program we at China Lake have some what I&I the program. The best person to talk with is Mike Crouse the IAFF VP for federal fire dept. He has alot of info on this.

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    Herb King Guest


    The DOD certification program effective date is not being postponed again. The HRO's in the Navy have recieved notification that effective their issuance of regional directives, that all promotion applications WILL indicate Certification as per DODI 6055.6 or will not be considered for the job. This notification was recieved on 1 June and some Regions are already working on the application of the directive. This will leave a lot of firefighters who felt they did't need to get the certs out in the cold when they apply to advance.

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    FirescueBob Guest



    I don't suppose you would happen to know where I can get a copy of that OPM Regulation? I have some questions about what has been going on here at my base and I figure that any info I can lay my hands has to help with smoothing over and or solving the problem.

    Stay Safe out there and remember to watch out for each other - No one else will!

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