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    Federal Firefighter here working at the Watervliet Arsenal, in Watervliet, NY. The oldest cannon factory in the country, while it still remains open. 10 years ago, 4,000 people worked here, now 650, plus another 500 contractors. The fire department is still here only because you can't contract out federal fd's. We have an engine, 94 Pierce, w/65' squirt. an 82' Thibault, 85 foot quint, with extrication equipment. a bls ambulance, a ups type box for hazmat. we are part of the albany county hazmat team, with the city of albany and volunteer dept. west albany. also a mini pumper, with confined space equipment and a dodge utility van. 13 on including the chief, with minimum daily staffing of four. a lot of mutual aid, city of watervliet (only have 4 - 6 ) on a shift as well as cities of troy, cohoes and green island. You start as a GS-5 up here, get GS-6 after a year. Glad to find this sight. Stay safe.....

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    Originally posted by engboy:
    NC firemedic,

    I was wondering what u had to do to apply for like a Fd position on a base like cherry point or bragg or even lejune. I am also from NC and only a junior FF/emt but i love it and think that fire ems is one of the best jobs.

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    mike m
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    i worked as a federal ff for ten years before going to a municipal fd.i has been awhile sincw i had contact with any feds.let me know how the work schedule is,the pay is like and working conditions. i had alot of good memories,lets share them mike m.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by ddhotshot:
    [B] You mean were not all civil service? There are contractors? Who are they? Are they in the DOD certification program? Are they IAFF?

    Dd, Not all Fed Fire are IAFF, some are AFGE wich is another member of AFL-CIO.. A couple of the contract groups,
    Mcmurdo Station, Antarctica , Raytheon
    Kwajalin Island, marshal Islands, Raytheon
    Andros Island Bahamas, Autech (sp?) out of FL
    Kings Bay Naval base, and Patrick AFB are contract if I am correct.

    They are supposed to be following the DOD Certs however, there are quite a few DOD GS firefighters that are not following it.

    Johnson Controls and ITT used to do some of the Contracting.


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    Brian Johnson
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    Marine Corps Bases Japan Fire Department here.

    We have 8 stations, 7 on Okinawa and 1 at Camp Fuji, Japan. We operate 12 Morita pumpers (made in Osaka with Nissin and Isuzu trucks) 3 Morita aerials (approx 120 feet), 8 ambulances, 2 rescue trucks, 5 water tenders and various support vehicles. There are approximately 175 men, all Japanese Nationals and 5 USGS chief officers working at the department.

    I started my career as a GS-1 working as a hot shot for the USFS. My first Fed structural job was at San Diego in 89. Back then we responded to med aids code 3 and sat around and watched the patient bleed until the medics arrived. Glad that has changed. I got some advice from an old timer at San Diego when I started: Son, as a Federal Firefighter there are only 3 things you need to know:

    1. Your K-Day
    2. Pay Day
    3. How to fill out an annual leave form.

    Sure hope they got rid of that lot. I worked with some of the guys there when I was at El Toro, good men like John Prince and Scott Cooley. If there still there tell them Brian said Hi.

    Hey this federal pay bill sure has been nice. Never thought I would make as much as I do working for the Feds.

    Happy New Year

    Brian Johnson
    Assistant Chief
    Okinawa, Japan

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    If your dept has a web page please add a link to it. Ours is: http://www.cherrypoint.usmc.mil/Emer...Dept/index.htm

    Hope you like.

    Running a code is easy.
    The hard part starts when you bringem back and have a 30-40 min transport

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    Barstow CA USMC Base

    2 Stations
    4 Four man, BLS Engines
    2 BLS Ambulances
    1 Heavy Rescue
    17 on duty per shift

    Extensive Auto & Mutual Aid with all local and state agencies.

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    federal firefighters can be contracted out only if on the BRAC list. we have one here that came from Griffis Air Force Base that used to be in Rome, NY. our installation is represented by NFFE, but we have some support from the IAFF as an off post local, as IAFF F-256.

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    Originally posted by WVA14:
    federal firefighters can be contracted out only if on the BRAC list. we have one here that came from Griffis Air Force Base that used to be in Rome, NY. our installation is represented by NFFE, but we have some support from the IAFF as an off post local, as IAFF F-256.
    Federal Firefighters can no longer be contracted out (I am sorry I don't know the specific ruling date/number) per FEDERAL mandate- which irritates the crap out of the Pentagon. WVA14- are you sure you aren't talking about being "RIF'ed"? (Reduction in Force) which is the same as being placed on the Stopper list??

    "Loyalty above all else, except honor."

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    In reply to ArmyTruckCompany......last i knew, if the base was on the brac (base realignment and closure) list, the fire department could be contracted out. As with everything else with the government, that may have changed as well. I know some people have want to contract us out if the base goes to Co-Co, Contractor owned, Contractor operated. Not sure what the deal is there if they could or not. If anyone knows for sure if we can't be contracted out at all, sure would appreciate hearing from you and the regs. We have NFFE here representing us, but they don't show much interest in the fire department here. Stay safe out there.

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    A BRAC dept can be contracted out six months prior to base closure date and for the caretaker force. I know because I was the last Chief of the Military Ocean Terminal In Bayonne NJ


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    Federal firefighters rock.
    Cant beat the bennies.
    Crash/Rescue Brunswick Naval Air Station.

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