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    Post Are there any Fed's out there?

    I just came across this topic and noticed it was empty... So is there any Feds out here? I'm stationed at MCAS Cherry Point as a FF/EMT. We currently operate out of three stations. Our equipment goes something like this:
    Station 1.
    One 1000 GPM 1988 Pierce pumper.
    One Pierce 4X4 heavy rescue.
    One 750 GPM Duplex (Unsure of the year, Reserve pumper)
    One 1999 Box van in service as a Haz-mat truck
    One 1998 F-150 ***. Chief ride.
    One Ford Ranger for utility.

    Station 2
    1988 Pierce Quint. 1000 gpm with 55ft stick.
    1999 Dodge 2500 4X4 (Moves our boats)
    Boats 1-5.
    Two Rescue boats
    Two for oil booms
    One oil skimmer.

    Station 3
    1988 Pierce 1000 GPM pumper. (Same as Sta-1)
    198? brush truck with 300 gallons of water.
    1995-6 Tahoe Cheifs ride.

    We are supposedly getting a new engine this coming fiscal year and another one the year after that. Hears wishing.

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    Aerial 131
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    Are you federal or private contract to DOD?
    Many of us who work at federal locations are private contract. At Hanford Fire we are:

    4 stations
    150 personnel
    100 are uniformed
    50 are fire service maintenance & staff(admin), fire marshall office, engineering, Testing & Services Grp.

    7 St engines, 3 new ones from '99 & 2000
    10 wildland fire engines T3 & T6
    Hazmat team 8 Techs/leaders w/ equipment apparatus
    Single Water Tender

    Responsiblities are for 560 square miles with about 12,000 people on site during the day and maybe 2000 at night. We 24/7.

    Most recent event: 192,000 acre wildfire, "24 Command" fire. In type 1,3,5 fuels. Fire at one point was plume dominate and began a 90 minute 20 mile run at over 1100 feet per minute, 1000++ chains per hour by my best math. Terrible result in lose to 11 homes 17? miles from fire origin.



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    We are Federal. I Started Jan this year as a GS-3 and am currently a four waiting on my five. Firefighters can go up to GS-6 here.
    We have One Chief (Slot waiting to be filled right now), Two A/C, 37 shift workers, and three inspectors.
    Our main area of responces are Haz-mat, EMS (First responder) and False box alarms. We have a Naval Avaition Depot (NADEP) on base that deals with a large amount of chemicals. The local community also relies on our Haz-mat team pretty heavily. Other then the base the nearest haz-mat team is approx. 2 hours away.

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    Ft Riley Kansas here.

    3 stations, 2 structural and 1 ARFF - well, sort of, stays fairly active with medical, hazmat, brush fires, and every now and then a structure fire. Mostly smells & bells though.

    Any federal departments running paramedics out there?

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    Firefighter on a DLA Supply Base in PA. We operate out of one station. Here is a list of our equipment.

    KME Tower Ladder 102 ft.
    KME Engine 1500 GPM
    KME Rescue
    Ford Ambulance
    Jeep Command Car

    Can you tell our old Chief liked KME. The oldest unit is the Engine, and is a 1995. We are Federal Employees.

    Aerial 131 do you work for DOD or DOE? At this point DOD can't contract fire departments.

    Henry C. Hoffman Jr.

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    The company I work for DynCorp TriCities Services is part of the general contract to the Hanford Site. DynCorp provides all services to the site and then some.

    The fire department is part of of the services division. Great company to work for, best many of us have seen at Hanford.

    We do a bunch of things many federal fire department contract or government do not do because of the makeup of the Hanford Site. Never dull!!

    Don Zimmerman


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    I work at Ft Drum Ny we have three firehouses. Station 1 has a engine co. Truck co. and a Rescue co. Station 2 has a engine co. tanker and a hummvee as a brush truck. Station 3 is a crash station 1 6x6 titian , 2 p-19s 1 p-15 and a 5,000 gallon tanker. and and engine co. The duty chief runs a chevy tahoe. We also run as first responder engine co. Do all the confine space and haz-mat.

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    Thumbs up

    Fed.F/F,R&D Army post (DOD) NW/N.J. Morris County... 6,000 Acres..

    #32 personnel-incs. 1chief,2 a/c's 2 Fireinsp.
    93 E-one 1250 gpm(Carrys Rescue EQip.But not a rescue pumper) WE WISH!
    95 Perice 105' Aerail W/1500gpm pump

    94 gruman Van (Bread truck type or ups type)
    Emergency Response/Command/Haz MAT .
    1 boat
    1 Haz Mat Trailer
    1 4x4 p/u utility type w/dual rear wheels,
    used to pull haz mat trailer. and a/c vech
    1 4x4 ford p/u utilty type truck,used for
    skid mount pump for brush fires and inspector ..
    1 jeep cherokee chief vech..
    1 6x6 army water tanker,used as tanker

    Hazmat,confined space,firstresponder medical,
    testing standbys,...
    Smells&BElls,Brush fires,Hazmats. Thats IT..

    Nice to see this form site get some action...

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    I work as a Firefighter in North Carolina on a Military base; I also volunteer out in town as a FF/EMT-P. Work just called me and asked if I wanted to go "Out West" and help with the fires. I said I would love to but I don't have my red card, (another one of those classes we were supposed to receive a few months ago, but was cancelled at the last minute.). I was told "No red card, no go." Know this upsets me. Many other people and I can go out and help in many ways other then with a pulaski. At the minimum we can clear up some of the wildland guys that are stuck doing structural protection duties or possibly stand by as medics. I also don't understand how a few thousand marines/soldiers can be trained in a few days but us structural folks can't. I guess I'm just venting and frustrated at the system. Would really like to help but once again POLITICS intervene.


    Running a code is easy.
    The hard part starts when you bringem back and have a 30-40 min transport

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    Thumbs down

    Sorry to here you couldn't go out west
    to help... Didn't think about relief for the
    other parts that are helping out,ie-structural& medic duities..
    That would be a big help ,but you never here
    about those pulling those duties,just the
    wildland F/F's & marines ect..

    Thats are govt! Politics is right...
    I sure there is plenty of other duities
    that have to be done that need help or relief
    ,that we non-red card firefighters can do..

    OH Well life Goes On...

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    NC firemedic,

    I was wondering what u had to do to apply for like a Fd position on a base like cherry point or bragg or even lejune. I am also from NC and only a junior FF/emt but i love it and think that fire ems is one of the best jobs.

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    You mean were not all civil service? There are contractors? Who are they? Are they in the DOD certification program? Are they IAFF? And to answer the fed medic question San Diego Fed Fire uses them, so does MCAS Yuma AZ

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    Click on the link to the following site. It will show you all the current openings for the FedFire, just scroll down till you see Firefighter/Fire protection

    Are you sure about medics running at MCAS Yuma? The only reason I ask is I've inquired about us running at an ALS level but was shot down saying Marine Fire service could not do that.

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    Yes I worked there. But they dont work at the ALS level, there just upgraded ffs gs6. San Diego however runs ALS and soon to run medic engines.

    So what about my questions I posted inreguards to contract ffs????

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    Appreciate the info.
    What base do you run from? I used to be stationed (Navy) at Pt. Loma and NAB.
    Also, Are the FF's GS-6 and if so what are the medics, Lt's and Capt's?

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    Hey, I used to work as a fed in San Diego. I left in 90 for a city job back home. Sounds like the place is moving forward with medics. Never had them when I was their.

    Do you fed's still work one on and one off with a kelly day? Did you ever get a raise to pay for the extra over 40 hours?

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    I'm with Fort Bragg Fire Department. We have 5 stations, 3 structural and 2 crash. Station 1 houses one engine,rescue,Asst Chief and ladder truck. Station 2 houses 2 ARFF vehicles, Station 3 one engine and one tanker, Station 4 two ARFF vehicles and Station 5 one engine and various Haz-Mat vehicles and trailers.

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    Fort Belvoir Fire Department, Virginia. Located just south of Washington D.C. with in Fairfax County, Virgina. The FBFD provides fire, rescue and emergency services to nearly 100 tenant organizations of the Dept. of Army and DoD agencies/commands, along with providing emergency services to Davison Army Airfield which is home to the 12th Aviation Batt. and DC Air National Guard.Both Fort Belvoir and Davison Airfield is apart of the Military District of Washington.

    The FBFD is a proud member of the IAFF as Local F-273. Minimum staffing is 21 personnel each shift (72hr work week). We have a total staff of 66 federal firefighters. Every day we staff 3 engines, one ladder truck and a battalion chief. All 3 engines and truck have 4 firefighters minimum each shift. Technician (Drivers) and Firefighters are GS-06, Capt I GS-7, Capt II GS-8, Batt Chief GS-11. Fire Inspectors start off as GS-8. We are looking into runnning ALS engines all the time. Most of the time now there is an ALS provider on each engine every shift. Every FF on shift is certified as an EMT.

    Fire Station 63: Rescue Engine 463
    Headquarters Truck 463 (pierce 100'quint)
    Fire Chief's Quarters

    Fire Station 65: Engine 465 & Batt 463

    Fire Station 66: Engine 466 & Foam 466
    Davison Army Airfield

    Fire Prevention Branch: 1 Asst. Chief w/ 5 Fire Inspectors and 1 Training Officer.

    In addition to the fleet, there is 2 reserve crash/structural pumpers, 1 special servcies unit(meduim duty squad/command), 1 haz-mat support unit(trailer), 1 brush truck and 1 utility truck. The SSU is housed at Fire HQ's, and 1 reserve crash/structural pumper is housed at FS#66 as Foam 866. All 3 pumpers are e-one and the 3 foam units are Amertek. We have a mutual aid agreement with Fairfax County Fire&Rescue Dept. We are apart of the Metro-Wash. Council of Governments. We just recieved 3 bullard thermal imagery cameras that have been added to our apparatus. There is also a structural/crash firefighting training simulator located near FS#66. The new site to the FBFD web page will be posted on this site when it is online.

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    US Army Fire Department, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Harford County Company 12

    3 stations- Aberdeen Area
    Crash house- Phillips Army
    Edgewood Area, APG (formerly
    Edgewood Arsenal)

    get paid to fight fire and watch **** blow up- life is good!!!!

    "Loyalty above all else, except honor."

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    Thumbs down

    Federal Firefighter here working at the Watervliet Arsenal, in Watervliet, NY. The oldest cannon factory in the country, while it still remains open. 10 years ago, 4,000 people worked here, now 650, plus another 500 contractors. The fire department is still here only because you can't contract out federal fd's. We have an engine, 94 Pierce, w/65' squirt. an 82' Thibault, 85 foot quint, with extrication equipment. a bls ambulance, a ups type box for hazmat. we are part of the albany county hazmat team, with the city of albany and volunteer dept. west albany. also a mini pumper, with confined space equipment and a dodge utility van. 13 on including the chief, with minimum daily staffing of four. a lot of mutual aid, city of watervliet (only have 4 - 6 ) on a shift as well as cities of troy, cohoes and green island. You start as a GS-5 up here, get GS-6 after a year. Glad to find this sight. Stay safe.....

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    Originally posted by engboy:
    NC firemedic,

    I was wondering what u had to do to apply for like a Fd position on a base like cherry point or bragg or even lejune. I am also from NC and only a junior FF/emt but i love it and think that fire ems is one of the best jobs.

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    mike m
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    i worked as a federal ff for ten years before going to a municipal fd.i has been awhile sincw i had contact with any feds.let me know how the work schedule is,the pay is like and working conditions. i had alot of good memories,lets share them mike m.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by ddhotshot:
    [B] You mean were not all civil service? There are contractors? Who are they? Are they in the DOD certification program? Are they IAFF?

    Dd, Not all Fed Fire are IAFF, some are AFGE wich is another member of AFL-CIO.. A couple of the contract groups,
    Mcmurdo Station, Antarctica , Raytheon
    Kwajalin Island, marshal Islands, Raytheon
    Andros Island Bahamas, Autech (sp?) out of FL
    Kings Bay Naval base, and Patrick AFB are contract if I am correct.

    They are supposed to be following the DOD Certs however, there are quite a few DOD GS firefighters that are not following it.

    Johnson Controls and ITT used to do some of the Contracting.


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    Marine Corps Bases Japan Fire Department here.

    We have 8 stations, 7 on Okinawa and 1 at Camp Fuji, Japan. We operate 12 Morita pumpers (made in Osaka with Nissin and Isuzu trucks) 3 Morita aerials (approx 120 feet), 8 ambulances, 2 rescue trucks, 5 water tenders and various support vehicles. There are approximately 175 men, all Japanese Nationals and 5 USGS chief officers working at the department.

    I started my career as a GS-1 working as a hot shot for the USFS. My first Fed structural job was at San Diego in 89. Back then we responded to med aids code 3 and sat around and watched the patient bleed until the medics arrived. Glad that has changed. I got some advice from an old timer at San Diego when I started: Son, as a Federal Firefighter there are only 3 things you need to know:

    1. Your K-Day
    2. Pay Day
    3. How to fill out an annual leave form.

    Sure hope they got rid of that lot. I worked with some of the guys there when I was at El Toro, good men like John Prince and Scott Cooley. If there still there tell them Brian said Hi.

    Hey this federal pay bill sure has been nice. Never thought I would make as much as I do working for the Feds.

    Happy New Year

    Brian Johnson
    Assistant Chief
    Okinawa, Japan

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